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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by elim, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. elim

    Do you guys prefer Bennett or Lenco?How low on the hull towards the v can I mount these?I don't have much room between the zincs and transducer on the star board side.
  2. goatram

    Either or will do you right. They work better the further outboard that you can set them.
    I have Bennetts cause I got a deal on them. FREE! New take offs. The person switched to Lenco. Bennett has real good customer service as well.
  3. Zombie

    Can't comment on Bennett but I had Lencos on my Parker. One activator when out and they shipped me a new one right away no questions asked. A few years later the other one went out and even though the warranty had expired they again sent me a new one. I believe the new ones are better designed with less issues. Customer Service was top notch.
  4. Genie Aye

    Mr Baaaaaa is right---the further outboard you mount them the better they will work.

    I had Bennetts on my 33 and about every 3 to 4 years I had to do a pump(but I put about 1000hrs a year on it). I have Lencos on my boat I have now and it has been absolutley maintence free and worked spot on for 3 years now. Of course I got poiinted this way to Lencos from several people here on Bd.
  5. easydoesit86

    My bennetts have 1100 hrs on em and no problems, did upgrade the controller though.
  6. neil c

    I have had the lencos for 14 years , no problems.
  7. Willapa

    6 trouble-free years on the Lencos for me.
  8. Lion11

    Had Lenco on my Robalo and they worked great. They trimmed nice and fast.