Tree found growing in mans lung!!

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by ?? fisherman, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. ?? fisherman

  2. BuonaForTuna

  3. Saluki

    I had a friend who had a walnut stuck up his ass.
    Wonder if roots ever popped out.
  4. ConSeaMate

    I'm sure you keep checking........LOL
  5. BiggestT

    "They suggest that the patient might have inhaled a small bud, which then started to grow inside his body."

    Uh huh.LOL
  6. fishhawk

    In my younger days I inhaled alot of small buds damm LOL
  7. jesse

    Lots of trees were ingested by way of small buds when I was a pup:D:D Long time ago though....
  8. Jighead

    Remind me never to breath around trees.
  9. cretin

    Where you the installer???
  10. the hook

    Maybe what you felt was his prostate.:loverz:
  11. ahidog

    Or an Ice cube

    Oh I didn't say that did I?
  12. fishpainter

    very quick.Very funny.
  13. Kurt

    It can't grow without photosynthesis
  14. Saluki

    That's a big word for a Bronco fan.
  15. mercerm

    A little help for a Bears fan...:D

    photo·syn·the·sis (fōt′ō sin′t̸hə sis)


    1. the biological synthesis of chemical compounds in the presence of light
    2. the production of organic substances, chiefly sugars, from carbon dioxide and water occurring in green plant cells supplied with enough light to allow chlorophyll to aid in the transformation of the radiant energy into a chemical form
  16. ?? fisherman

    Apparently it can.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  17. ?? fisherman