Trailer unloading procedures

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by osideloco, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. osideloco

    Still being new to the whole boating scence I'm wondering how you trailer guys unload your boat at the ramps. I've seen many different methods, but I still unhook the saftey chain and winch in the water which can be a pain in the ass. Keep in mind that my wife is ussually the one helping me.
  2. talltales

    I get the boat as ready as I can off to the side or anywere out of the way before moveing to the ramp. I also leave the safety chain and strap connected until the boat is in the water. Never had a problem with the boat sliding off the trailer, but feel safer with the chain attached. Start her up and then disconnect the chain and strap, slowly back off the trailer and we are ready to go.
  3. Mot's Sr.

    Check with Shitbird, he'll give you a lesson at O'side ramp, click, ckick, click, BANG and the boat is on the ramp about 10 feet short of the water
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :nutkick:

    Sorry Jeff, could'nt pass that one up
  4. Sluester

  5. barracudabreath

    Safety chain?
  6. Az.monkey

    Bingo , but we only leave the bow winch strap on until warmed up and ready to rock and roll
  7. Assalt Weapon

    By Myself.

    I disconnect everything but the crank strap, just before backing into the water.

    While on the launch ramp, I jump out of the truck. Put about 3 ft of slack in the crank strap. Back into the water, as the ass end of the boat starts to float, tap the brakes. The boat slowly slides 3ft back and takes up the slack...

    I pull the truck/trailer forward about a foot or two. Truck in park, Set the emergency brake on the truck. Walk down to the trailer...Step onto the bumber of the truck. (Feet Dry), step onto the trailer, board the boat (Feet Dry), Lower the outdrive, start the motor, while the motor is warming up, I ensure the dock lines and bumbers are set. Turn on the bait tank, GPS, FF, Radio etc...

    Then I disconnect the strap from the boat, and back the boat off the trailer...

    Sounds complicated, but it works perfectly for me, and my feet are dry.

    I hate wet feet. Especially all day on a boat.

    If there is some one driving the truck,,,then I am in the boat and the process is simplified.
  8. tuna taxi

    I go out and launch solo at least 80% of the time and these are the steps that I follow. If you happen or need to step on the trailer to remove the crank strap be really careful that you don't slip, I slipped about two months ago and rubbed the inner part of my leg from the ankle to my knee, it still hurts!!!:(

    Last thing to remember is to not rush yourself, you're better safe than sorry.


    Don't forget the drain plug/nut!!!!
  9. Mots

    Better to be a pain in the ass in the water, than to see your boat on the concrete.

    Don't think you need both for backing down, winch should be just fine.
  10. Papa "J"

    I would leave the safety chain on before the strap. The strap is on a ratcheting system which could slip under pressure of stopping short. If the safety chain is strong enough, that would be more than enough to keep you boat from sliding off.
  11. leg01as

    Take it from me, leave the strap on until you are a go. Start it and while its warming up, check steering, lights (if dark) water leaks(Drain plug),trim tab, etc. I've witnessed boats hitting the rocks(Shltr Isl) because steering cable was bad and helped tow in someone because engine wouldnt trim down. When its warmed up and your a go, un-latch, hop on the boat and throw in reverse. TAKE YOUR TIME - Better safe than sorry.
  12. KruzCan


    Also roll your truck window down when solo. Nothing like having the door swing shut and the automatic door locks kick in. This only happens when the tide is coming up.
  13. Stanley

    I say leave the window down whether you're solo or not. Saw a guy backing down about to hit another boat. People were yelling at him to stop and he couldn't hear cause he had his windows up. Another member here has a launching story that (if he didn't have his windows down) could've ended tragically.

    Also, anal as we are, we leave strap and chain hooked to the boat until we're ready to back the boat off the trailer. That's just us.