Trade Oysters for Halibut, tuna, Cod, etc.

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Classifieds' started by otisthelab, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. otisthelab

    If anyone is interested, I have oysters to trade for halibut, tuna, maybe cod, squid, etc. Just PM me.
  2. chow

    What sort of trade ratio are you thinking of?<label for="rb_iconid_12">[​IMG]</label>

    My wife and I can never eat all the tuna I get during the summer and wouldn't mind trading it for oysters if you are thinking that far out as well. PM me if your interested.

    Edit: never mind. See your in washington. Are you near the vancouver area?
  3. Titan

  4. saltwaterfish

    Probably a violation...
  5. fishguidebrian

    Sounds like enforcement might be fishing. I'd trade guided salmon trip for oysters any day though!
  6. Emzbuddy

    what's the issue?

    I see nothing on page 12 that would construe a violation when a person trades oysters for fish. Reasonable assumption being that both parties abided by regulations when harvesting.

    a trade would not be in the field, obviously.

    unless you mean this, but again - not a violation if done correctly.

    Possess another person’s game fish unless it is
    accompanied by a statement showing the name,
    address, license number, date, county, and area
    where it was taken, and the signature of the
    angler who harvested it.
  7. Quan

    At the Bottom Right of page 12.

    "You may not offer any recreationally-caught fish
    or shellfish for sale or barter"

    I wouldn't sweat it, though. Doubt the Warden is gonna set up a sting operation at your house when you give a buddy some oysters.
  8. Saluki

    Fish & Game Wardens read BD.

    Chances are, this not going to end well.
  9. Cap'n Coldeye

    This is the part that would make lerry, but it's your call.

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  10. Easytosee

    What makes you guys think its recreationally caught? The guy probably has his own beach... wtf some of you guys need to find something else to do. I know plenty of guys who own water front and grow their own clams and oysters, many of them also sell them to bigger seafood buyers like Taylor or Skookum.

    I'd trade fish for oysters, better than going and buying it since you can't take them off the beach in the shell ON PUBLIC BEACHES. Not to mention you can only get 18 a person.
  11. Stryker20

    7 days and counting.......................
  12. Titan

    Don't worry about the oysters. You cannot legally trade your fish, assuming you are a sports fisherman.
  13. otisthelab


    I grow these oysters in bags on my beach. I buy the seed from commercial oyster seed suppliers. These are not native Olympic oysters, although I think you can buy that seed as well. They are the same type - Pacific Oysters - that you eat at a bar in Seattle, or anywhere else on the West Coast.

    Anybody can buy the seed from the oyster seed companies. These are not native oysters. I am not catching them. I am growing them on my property. It's the same as pulling carrots in the garden and trading them to you.

    So if any of you guys want to trade wild fish, etc. for oysters, please PM me. I don't have the opportunity to fish that much, so just trying to put some fish, etc. in the freezer for my family.
  14. otisthelab

    But yes, I guess it could be a violation on the Fish side. I didn't really get that technical, and I didn't really think this was that big of a deal.

    I guess when I trade something with a friend I should report it on my taxes as well as a capital gain, assuming I get the better end of the deal of course!

    And no, I am not a lurking Game Warden.....

    I was just thinking that if a guy ended up having some extra fish, which he legally caught under his paid license, he might want some oysters that I legally grew on my property, in a simple small friendly exchange. I didn't think it was breaking any type of rule.
  15. Titan

    Mike, your oysters may be perfectly legal to barter. I don't doubt that. However, the fish that most of us catch is not. I personally try to stay well within the boundaries of the laws and regulations. I know that most other BD members are the same way. I am just trying to help them. The regulations are so complex that it is very easy to miss something like this.

    Also, you might not be a game warden, but nothing prevents game wardens from lurking here.

    I personally don't think trading some sports-caught fish for other goods is a big deal. I think it should be allowed within a reasonable quantity, say 50 lb per season. But it is not.
  16. Swarthy Dago

    you think people don't trade ? tuna for elk, dove for rabbits, quail for chuckar, deer for hog, happens all day every day, no big deal either
  17. Easytosee

    Yup, I agree. Some people just like to be the know it all's in the Internet world, happens on every forum. Certain folks like to jump on people's shit every chance they get, then others hop on the band wagon. Pretty ridiculous, but unfortunately there's a few of them on every forum.

    I'd trade fish for oysters if you were in my area, I'm always looking or ways to get rid of some fish. We just won't call it trading, I will give you some of my fish, and you can give me some of your oysters as a friendly gesture.
  18. Chance

    whole tuna for canned tuna