Torn between 2 girls

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by night8hawk, May 10, 2004.

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  1. night8hawk

    Hi Guys,

    Me and my partner have 2(two) boats!
    1. trophy 2003 walkaround 135hp mercury eng 3 miles to the gallon good on gas but with a payment og 340.00/mo including insurance..

    2. skipjack 24' Open volvo penta 305 chevy with 280 out drive. The engine runs very good, its a bigger boat and i can fix almost anything that comes up and No payment!!
    We need to sale one of the boats we don,t need two boats, which is the better way to go I want to keep the skipjack, and my partner want to keep the trophy. They both have good and bad points,i just want to hear some unbias opinions. Thanks torn between two girls...Dave
  2. Mots

    You keep the Skippy, and give him the trophy w/ the payments. No more partnership, and you both have what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. EL JEFE

    Skippys since I own one. I don't believe there's really a comparison between the two - Skippy is a much more solid coastal/offshore boat. More deck space, easy to work on, and no payments. No brainer!!!
  4. night8hawk

    Thanks guys for your input!!

    I agree with all of you!!! I want to do a lot of improvements to the boat, can't do it with the partnership because on one person will do ALL OF THE WORK..
    Thanks again Guys see you on the water!!......Dave :)
  5. KC Kevin

    If you partner bought the Trophy new, he might be upside down equity-wise. Selling it would result in his having to come up with the cash difference, unless he made a large down payment. That might be factoring into his decision to keep his boat and sell yours. Obviously, this has nothing to do with which boat is a better fishing platform.

    The Trophy will continue to depreciate, while the skippy will hold its value as long as its maintained. Those boats are like the Energizer Bunny; they just seem to keep going and going....:D

    Food for thought.
  6. night8hawk

    Thanks Kevin for your reply!

    You made a very good point about the trophy! and you are right on the equity. My partner only put a small down payment on the boat, and for sure he will suffer a nasty lost if he sell now.... Thanks Dave
  7. Jack M

    What is the length of the Trophy. What is included. How much is owed? Thanks, Jack
  8. night8hawk

    The Trophy is a 2003 Year 20' boat model 2003 it has a 22 gal Bait tank,am/fm/cd, soft bimini top furuno 600 color fish finder and garmin 180 map plotter and also it has the trailer. I think he owes about 28k
    or less not much less....Thank Dave
  9. Jack M

    Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for at least 22-23'. My present boat is 20'. I'm looking to get a larger boat. Jack
  10. night8hawk

    Good luck on your boat search Jack!
    the trophy is 20' boat too small for me also !! That's why i like the 24' skipjack.
    There are a lot of boats out there, i hope you find the one you want...Good luck.. Dave
  11. Jack M

    Thanks Dave. I would like somewhere between 21-24' W/A Cutty. Jack
  12. jb4lcm

    The Trophy (is a bayliner) is 20'. WHO wants to go down in size - especially FROM a 24'?
    The Bayliner costs $$$ per month to sit in the yard, the Skippy doesn't.
    The bayliner has a bad reputation - the Skip doesn't.
    HE wins if YOU sell your boat and buy into his. You LOSE.

    Think about it. Everyone here would LOVE to OWN their boat. WHY go to payments on a SMALLER boat - - - that isn't yours?? Unless your buddy is a chick and you're doin her, NO WAY!!

  13. night8hawk

    Thanks JB for the reply!

    Now my partner wants to sell the trophy now! The payments are starting to sting each month ouch!! I think he stating to see through the fog!!...Thanks Dave