Tor. 30 advice.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by Zoomer, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Zoomer

    Leaving on a 4 day Vagabond trip Sun. Never been out longer than a
    2 day'r before so all of my stuff is 20-30lb. setups. I have a Torium 30 on a
    Calstar WC 665c (20-50) with 30lb. p-line and was thinking of trying to
    bump it up to 40-50 for this trip.

    Would the 50lb. be too much of a jump for this outfit if drag upgrade is done?

    Should I just grab a loaner from the landing and leave this setup alone?

    Do I really need anything that big for this trip?

    Anyone around Noah's do the drag upgrade on short notice? :D
  2. Dos Locos

    I fish 65# spectra with a short topshot of 40# on my Tor 30. It's my goto tuna reel and works good for me.
  3. Hara_san

    Back it with spectra and do the drag upgrade...50 is no problem
  4. BabyGiant

    Is this set going to be your largest outfit? If so FYI get ready to get your ass kicked, this (Turium 30 is a Single Speed 6.2:1) so ????...but what the heck if this is all you got I would fill with mostly spectra minimum 50-80#, short top shot of 50# and you might want to step up a few notches to an 80# mono leader if ...... Word has it that large grade BFT are within 3-5 day range. Two speeds are highly recommended....maybe borrow someones if you don't have. Ideal set up is two speed 60-80# spectra back followed by mono on a rod with roller guides. But then again last year my brother and I pulled +85# BIG EYE TUNA out on 30# outfits and got 3 on the 30# but farmed 4...and I got my ass handed to me...hurting....2 more came on two speed reels and those feesh were a piece of cake and we got in fast. Goodluck!
  5. Zoomer

    Ya, B-G this is as big as I got,and out here in Bullhead City it's hard
    to find a 2-spd. loaner. Mike the skipper said just to let them know
    if you need loaner,so I guess I'll up up with one of the trolling rods.:cool:
    Oh well I'll swing by Noah's and see if I can get this done Sat. get some of that spectra and some swag.

    Thank you all for helping the newbie out.
  6. fishnfool

    I don't think we can accomodate the drag upgrade on the spot for you but we can hook you up with the spectra, topshot, and possibly a 2 speed...for a nominal fee of course :) Just kidding on the charge. I'm sure we have a 60#, or 80# rig around here somewhere if you want to borrow one. We can work something out like a little sashimi should you happen to land one or two of those BFT's. Let me know if you want to borrow a setup. Later.
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  7. Stanley

    OK. That does it. Rep point coming. Very cool of you to offer that. :appl:
  8. Reel Trouble

    I love this place, it's like having one giant extended family. Good on ya!
  9. Fresh One

    Leave the 20# at home. 25# is the lightest you should bring so take your 20# rig and put 25# on it and use that as your light rig. Most rigs that can fish 30# will also fish 40# so make sure you have one of each. I agree with having a 50# rig at the ready so if you can turn your Torium 30 into a 50 pound rig by using spectra backing and a 50# topshot, do it. I recently got back from a 7 day and a 2 day and caught the majority of my albie on 50#. When they come to the corner and boil, break out the heavy gear and get um while you can.

    Also, make sure you have access to a 2 speed rig with 60-80#. Borrow it, rent it, buy it, whatever. There are some bigger BFT starting to bite and if you hang one on a light rig, you are in for a long ass kicking followed by heartbreak. Don't let it happen to you.

    Good luck.
  10. Zoomer

    Thanks for the offer fishnfool. I really don't like to borrow stuff that expensive though. I will swing by sometime Sat. and work something out, ...maybe a 6/0.

    If the BF Tuna God is good to us,you are sure welcome to some.
  11. tail slapper

    Its not expensive .. just leave a C/card Deposite. The value come when you land that BFT ...
  12. Alter Ego

    I routinely run 40 lb on my "stock" Tor 30's. What is this drag upgrade?
  13. dctrjayyy

    I think I just found my new tackle shop... right on