TopWater YFT from a Yak!

Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by Ragman, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Ragman

    The Nyati guys used some of my tuna poppers to catch their first top-water YFT's, and during an unusual day time bite:

    Extreme Coast

    They were fishing over 125 n.m. out when they launched the yak!
  2. Shaka760

    :rofl:Ha ha, the 3 Blackfin in a Sooby-Doo blanket is classic!!!
  3. jesse

  4. Mako27

    Correction- They weren't our first topwater YFT's, just the first ones we have caught during the day on the top. We caught the YFT out of the yak on a Yummy flyer.

    FYI- Those OTI Topwaters are the shit! I have caught some nice YFT's on them and they have not needed any hook or splitring upgrades. It is a nice change.

  5. GUERO

    nice YFT