TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by MikeyLikesIt, Apr 26, 2007.


to serve or to crimp.....that is the question........

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  1. SERVE them, like Basil

    22 vote(s)
  2. CRIMP them, like Branman

    31 vote(s)
  3. neither, I tie a big fugly knot

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  1. MikeyLikesIt

    OK, which one do you prefer? and Why? Seen any failures?

    Im talking 60# and up.....
  2. spike

    DO NOT CRIMP! I have seen far to many failures weither it be from crushing down to hard or not enough on the crimp. For 60lb test I prefer the Worm Knot.
  3. wahoodad

    Spike's the man, listen to him. He worked on boats
  4. ConSeaMate

  5. spike

    Its true "different strokes for different boats"
  6. wahoodad

    See above
  7. Papa "J"

    you should take a look at the new Seaguar Wind-On's. Pretty inexpensive & you can blame failures on someone else:D

    I can't remember which fishing show, but this same thing was discussed and crimping seem the way to go with 0 failures if crimped correctly.

    I know it's different, but I crimp all of my trolling stuff & have never had a failue because of a crimp.
  8. wahoodad

    See above
  9. spike

    I had long since retired, I have heard Ande curse them things up and down and I have seen why. Are you sure they were not just doing the old smoke & mirrors?
  10. Steve K

    I started crimping about four years ago. I've had no failures, even as a novice. My skills are improved greatly since I started using the system. Also, there's great updated info on the Sato website. Garry has put up information regarding crimp sizes for different tests of spectra as well as "specialty" lines like Soft Steel and Seaguar Fluorcarbon.

    For instance, did you know you should use an 80 lb crimp with 100 lb Soft Steel Ultra, or that you need to go with a 50 lb crimp for 60 lb Seaguar?

    Here you will find all the info you need to know about the crimp system. Take a look at the Handy Reference Materials. I find it easy to use, especially for making up my wind-ons, but also on the deck or in the galley while out on a trip.

    Sato's Custom Tackle - Unique Products For the Serious Angler - Pro Crimp Kit
  11. spike

    For the 60 and 80lb test applications the worm has always done me right, I 9-5 50lb and less. For 100lb and greater I splice.

    David, since my retirement I have converted my garage into my own little tackle and surfboard workshop its pretty darn fun.
  12. J_Livi

    Serving top shots with a bow string serving jig loaded with 30# solid spectra comes out nice. A little dab of activator & JB adhesive before & after too.

    No loop to loop connection either. Inline splice. Clean & very sano. Takes a little longer but glides through the guides smoothly. I have never used sato crimps, but only heard great things about them. Fast too!
  13. SB14

    Crimping has worked great for me with no failures. It is quick and easy to change top shots and another benefit of crimping is that you don't have a big knot to get caught in the release clip when you are going out on the kite.
  14. Ali Admin

    Tastes Great Vs. Less Filling.....
  15. sdangler

    I've done both (serve and crimp) and have had zero failures. Since I have the time I serve everything 30# and up and do a loop-to-loop onto the reel. Long and short topshots up through 300#.

    BTW, the bow serve with the 30# spectra is the shit!

  16. J_Livi

    Yah, serving jig is the shit! You can buy a wide variety of serving jigs on ebay, ranging in price from $14.00 to $45.00, with the Beiter Winder being the expensive one. I use one called the Cajun Bow String Serving Jig, which only costs $16.00 plus the serving spool. It works great! After a couple hours of practice, you will have it down in no time. Clean, tight wraps that look just like Basil's. No half hitches, solid spectra wraps over itself and you use a loop puller to bury the final tag end, just like wrapping guides on a rod.

    I've got this procedure down to about 10 minutes, but I'm sure there are some vets out there that can do it a lot faster. Only down side is, you need a flat work area to layout all your tools. I use a top shot holder from that works great</TITL< a>. It would be very difficult to do this outside on a rolling boat though. That's the positive side to crimping I think. Wahoodad and others can splice a new topshot & crimp in minutes in any conditions. Back in the water fast for another one while we would still be serving.
  17. sdangler

    Angler's Pro Shop

    I like this little guy for doing the serve along with the top shot holder from Ringed Hooks.

    I use clamps on the boat and not the holder. I also pre make all my topshots before the trip if possible.

  18. spike

    Super glue - $ 2.00

    Dental floss non waxed- $ 1.00

    Emery cloth - $ stole it from my neighbor

    Watching the entire boat bent over like an umbrella on cows, all of the splices I did........

    $$ PRICELESS $$
  19. okie man

    what kind of guides are we talking about here that the crimps go through so smoothly. i can't believe that a hard metal crimp would flow through a fuji turbo or perfection without doing any harm. school me please!
  20. sdangler

    Roller guides for the most part. Their not "smooth" going through as you can feel it under load. I have never seen one get caught myself so they work as advertised. I personally don't know how long they last going throught the guides though.