Top Ten - 1st Annual Yellowtail Shootout

Discussion in '2007 Yellowtail Shootout' started by Cory, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Cory Admin


    1st Annual Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout Top Ten

    1st Place - $5,000 Cash sponsored by Berkley and a all inclusive trip for 2 to The Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica.
    Angler: Tim Stipe
    Team: Tail Chasers
    Weight: 31.7lb
    2nd Place - $2,500 Cash sponsored by Suzuki, a charter on the Old #7, a pair of Kaenon Polaraized Sunglasses and Pelagic Sandals.
    Angler: Tim Stipe
    Team: Tail Chasers
    Weight: 31.0lb
    3rd Place - $1,000 Cash sponsored by West Coast PowerCats, a charter with the Outer Banks Boat Club, framed artwork by Chuck Byron and a $100 gift certificate to Dana Landing.
    Angler: Phillip Anderson
    Team: Murderson
    Weight: 24.2lb
    Dash for Cash - $1,500 Cash by Navionics for first yellowtail brought back to the dock.
    Angler: Tim Stipe
    Team: Tail Chasers
    Weight: 31.0lb
    JACKPOT - $18,090 Cash
    Angler: Tim Stipe
    Team: Tail Chasers
    Weight: 31.7lb
    4th Place - $750 Cash
    Angler: Jeff Schaaf
    Team: Fishing Tail
    Weight: 23.8lb
    5th Place - $500 Cash
    Angler: Cary Fredericks
    Team: Tranquilo
    Weight: 23.7lb
    6th Place - $300 Cash
    Angler: Art Nevener
    Team: Outer Banks Boat Club
    Weight: 22.8lb
    7th Place - $300 in Prizes. A pair of Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses and a $100 gift certificate to Dana Landing.
    Angler: Danny O'Leary
    Team: Good Chemistry
    Weight: 21.7lb
    8th Place - $200 in Prizes. A Bill Boyce tile print. Pelagic shorts and a $60 gift certificate to Everingham Bros. Bait Co.
    Angler: Micah Simmons
    Team: Weekend Hooker
    Weight: 21.6lb
    Tie for 9th Place - $100 in Prizes. Combined were a Baja Destinations Altas, Baja Destinations laminated maps, Pelagic gloves and a $100 gift certificate to Dana Landing.

    Angler: Jim Daniels
    Team: Muerte
    Weight: 21.2lb


    Angler: David Froning
    Team: Reel Hung
    Weight: 21.2lb

    Congtrats to the top ten winners of the 1st Annual Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout!

    A final list of all weighed fish will be out later this week.
  2. c-goat

    27 geez...WOW!

  3. jesse

    tim got all the cheddah:D:D:D
  4. Headshot

    Congratulations Tim and to Team Tail Chasers! Wow!
    You guys have got to be very stoked just about now!
  5. gonebendo

  6. Ready4TheYellow

    WTG....are you the only one here besides me that knows how to fish....LOL:urno1:
  7. JiGGZ


    I HATE you all!!!!!:finger:
  8. Ali Admin

    Congrats Fellas!

    Couldn't happen to a nice bunch of dudes.

    I know who's buying the beers....


    did not realize how close 5th through 3rd was. Nice job everyone and thanks BD for the great tournament
  10. norrinradd12

    outstanding, congrats
  11. Johnnyfish

    Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!
  12. Gil Marlin

    Jackpot is usually donated to the crew, right??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    That's a pretty clean sweep... way to go...

    I am super stoked to have been a part of the 1st ever tourney, everyone I met was real nice. Good fishing with a good group of guys! Team Reel Hung
  14. Mots

  15. Kingfish

    A big congrats to all !!:drunk

    31.7 nice job.......
  17. Team Subway

    Would the winner like to reveal where he was and what type of fishing attractor he was using? Word is L.J Canyon.
  18. Kareem Korn

    "WOW".....Is all I've been saying when I try to describe the day I had to my friends and relatives, well that and arm punches. I must've punched Leo in the arm a hundred times :).

    Before anything, I just wanted to say THANKS to you guy's that put this on. I've never been in a contest before, but this was like just a bunch of cool people fishing and hanging out. You guys did an excellent job of planning, execution and just plain old hard work. Get some sleep. You kept a bunch of fishermen in a good mood. The day was increadable out there on the water for alot of people(see pics). What was equally amazing was at the banquet and the amout of swag, gear, trips, food, and beer :beerbang: you were able to provide :notworthy. Not a snag one, top knotch all the way.

    And next, what I was trying to say up there in front of you guys, but I don't talk loud enough(and plus I felt like I was going to pass out), was that it took all three of us in "Tailchasers" as a team. Leo who worked his ass off to the last minute to get his sled in the excellent condition it was in. Not as common as some might think to be out on the water all day like that and not have even one thing go wrong with the boat. Hats off to you Leo for the hard work and the use of your killer boat. That thing is badass. We were also lucky to have Chris on the boat. Dude knows his shit, he has an incredable fish sense and put us on the fish deadnuts on like nobodies buisness(your the man):cheers:. If your lucky to get one of these guys on your boat one day, you wont be sorry, easy to get along with and know how to fish. I was just lucky to reel in a couple of fish that I would be stoked to get ANY day, and to be able to do it on a tourny day just goes back to that word "WOW" again. The best part is that BD got a bunch of you guys/ladies under one tent so I could put a face/personality to your name, and you all were cool.

    We'll post some words on our day when we get some pics together, cause I know the drill......You guys will call bullshit

    Thanks again to you guys that donated your:notworthy time to make sure we had a good time.
    Also, thanks for all that are giving props, that means alot to me comming from the caliber of fishermen on this boad. I can honestly say that I was a bit intimated at the captians meeting.

  19. Kareem Korn

    I can't put you right on the #'s, finding fish on your own makes you a great fisherman, but I can tell you, that's not far off :). When you see an area and deep down inside your little fishyfinder inside tells you "this is a fishy spot", than that that's where you drop your line.

    call it what you will but you three kicked ass!!! I tip my hat to you and on the side--------- That UT story was out of this world! LOL LOL

    You three earned all you got!