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Discussion in 'Mammal Hunting Reports' started by TROB, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. TROB

    I didnt plan on hunting, but after confirming that my Savage was zero'd, I decided to take a little walk and get the rifle her first kill. I bought this gun about 5 years ago specifically for rock chucks, but I had never gotten one with it because I was in San Diego.

    Wind picked up to about 10-12mph as soon as I started hunting, and it started raining right as i was finishing up. Ended up with 6 chucks in about 2 hours. Not bad for an overcast windy day.

    The rifle is a 24" 1:7 twist, so I was shooting Black Hills 68gr MHP- VERY impressed with the performance. I would say they're even more devastating than the 55gr V-max I've been shooting in my AR.

    had an awesome little perch for the first 2 kills.



    Somehow managed to completely hollow out his skull, leaving only a mask. Arrow points to where I was - 196 yards.


    can you tell where I got him?




  2. Juny

    Bad Ass!
  3. Rubberhook2

    I'm sure the little fuggers will be just fine....
  4. Anello

    Nice shooting! Bitchin gun there, too.
  5. m_mcgourty

    That's some impressive shooting. Beautiful country too!
  6. ib12fish

    That can't be a .308 looking at the brass looks like a big round. anyways outstanding shooting:2gunsfiring_v1: and where were you getting the? not in San Diego?
  7. TROB

    It's a .223, it looks bigger on camera ;) I've taken chucks out to 376yd in this area with my AR, but the typical shots are 160-225. No need for anything bigger.

    Im in Idaho BTW, thanks.
  8. widgeon

    Nice job tommy . I can see you are still very conservation minded. Practicing the exploded and release method. :D
  9. Sluester


    What nobody is going to ask you what they taste like? :D
  10. TROB

  11. Sand pounder

    Do you eat them?
  12. TROB

    Rock chuck tastes great......coyotes love 'em. :shithappens:
  13. Stanley

    Beat me to it.
  14. TROB

    Friday- Got 7. They were especially gory, so ill just post the mild ones.

    One of my favorite little spots. The ridge sits at about 240-320y.




    I don't think he felt a thing.

  15. rooster707

    That gun and that country look very familiar.....
  16. TROB

    Weird huh? Almost like you've been here. They ain't California ground squirrels.
  17. el Toro

    Looks like good mulie country. See any?
  18. TROB

    Yea, a few, but I've only seen one buck in 12 years. not worth the hunt. There's a lot of traffic (off-road), so there are literally probably only 8 deer in that area. :rofl:

    every time I see the group, it's the same 8.... :shithappens:

    There's much better spots, but its fun for chucks.
  19. ilovecalicos

    Love those Montana ground squirrels on 'roids.................:Exploding_Smiley:


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  20. yotekiller

    I miss the mother land. :-(
    Looks like you are around the snake river canyon area?
    We used to blast chucks with anything from .22s to my 7MM. :-)
    I grew up in the Jerome, Twin Falls area.