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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by tuna_time, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. tuna_time

    Went on a 6-day trip this past Father's day weekend (June 18) and had a great time. Caught a lot of yellowtail mostly in the 4-8 lb range with some in the 35 lb class. The bigger ones were caught mostly trolling pink Mirrolures )MR-111) deep diving plugs. As we headed back north we got into the smaller 4-8 lb fish which were caught on live bait (mackerel) or iron (just about any type).

    The giant squid were so thick we had trouble catching bait. As I tried to lift one out of the water, another squid grabbed it and was pulling it back into the water. I thought it was trying to save it, then I realized as it won the battle and continued to swim off with it, that it was either going to hump it, eat it, or both. Although we put about 500 squirters on the deck one night, no one walked off with any as the Mexican government doesn't allow it (so I hear).

    We didn't fish for grouper but we did get into some good Cabrilla fishing.

    The food served was delicious and the crew was helpful. They provide a nice service however there is one problem. Not all your catch gets maked and even some that are marked do not come out of the fish hold and never end up in your cooler. A few guys felt they should have had more fillets and one complained so the captain went into the fish hold and pulled out 10 Yellowtail and 11 Trigger fish for him. I hope by posting this here enough fishermen complain to Tony Reyes and they stop taking customer's fish.

    The boat returned to the dock Friday evening and I headed back to San Diego. As I was leaving the town of San Felipe, I got pulled over by a Federale for speeding. He was very nice and told me the speed limit was 80 KM/hr ( I was doing about 100 KM/hr) and that I won a ticket. I asked if I could take care of it here and now and offered him $5. He accepted it and we were both on our way. Too bad you can't do that in CA.

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    Sounds like you have mixed emotions about the trip. Good rice beans and carne asada (which I could eat for a week straight) and good fishing, but left with a bad tast by some other BS. I took one Tony Reyes trip years ago. For the money its a good experience. Whether you go back again, you'll always remember fishing from a panga, and sleeping outside, and eating carne asada rice and beans. A little snorkel action thrown in. Its all good. Maybe it we be smarter if we gringos started the trip off with a small tip for our gia to let him know the rest is coming. Money motivates. Im sure those guys work their ass off and get snubbed frequently by wealthy gringos. I plan to take another skiff trip one day but I will do my homework and make sure I book with the right outfit. There are other options. Good report and pics.