Tony Reyes Trip

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by bdmudd, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. bdmudd

    Just got back from my 4th annual TR trip in a row. The quality of Yellowtail was excellent with most fish over 20 lbs, many over 25, and quite a few over 30. Jackpot fish was a 38lb YT. Lots of Pinto bass and cabrilla to round out the catch. Stopped to collect some clams and oysters on the way back to the mothership one afternoon. Crossed the border at Calexico in 20 minutes! The temp at 6:00pm Friday was 128 in Mexicali!
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  2. Doradogirl

    Gotta love the fresh fish...but you gotta love your Smirnoff even more!!!
    Nice report looks like a lot of fun and a good grade of fish :)
  3. PullinAhi

    I need to do another TR trip. Did one in 2004. Lots of fun. Did they make triggerfish ceveche? Oh so so good. Thanks for the read!
  4. BajaConcept

    Nice meeting you both it was a fun trip, hope we meet up soon
  5. la vida

    Thats a trip I always wanted to take.
    Looks like a good time.
  6. Antonio_Sanchez

    Where did you get the clams?
    Which beach?
  7. bdmudd

    No triggerfish ceviche but lots of great YT sashimi; clams at a small cove in LA bay.
  8. rrpescador

  9. biggbass

    I am crying in my beer seeing all the fun I missed.:hali_olutta: Maybe next year Brian!!
    That is a great trip.I can almost feel the sweat just looking at those pics!!.......Chris
  10. Rocket Dog

    whats a TR trip? I always woundered about accessing the sea of cortes that way. is the fishing much better (more exotics)? look awsome