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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by tyler.beach, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. tyler.beach

    Hey.....Anyone know where to find Tomic Plugs in the Seattle Tacoma area? Auburn Sports, Outdoor Emporium, Sportco, and Wholesales Sports don't have any!
  2. Drifter 1

    Try Seattle Marine and Fisherys Supply.

    I dont remember if they are tomics plugs or another brand but they literaly have about every color in every size.
  3. Miso

    Ted's in Lynwood has a lot of Tomics in 4", 5" and 6".
  4. tyler.beach

    Seamar! Didn't think of them. Good Call! If they don't have i'll head up to Lynnwood. Thanks for the quick responses!
  5. Team Tom

    I buy my direct from Tomic! Don’t hold them to this, but they will often send some type of free bee. Such as a newly created color, one of their spoons, etc… Also tell them where you are fishing and they are likely to know which colors work best for that area.
  6. Roll the Bones

    Ditto what he says and buy the Tubbies!!!!
  7. Duhvp

    I'm a moocher at heart but occasionally I will troll when the bite is off or when I'm in a particular area. I have never used the Tomic Plugs are they trolled behind a flasher/dodger or just by themselves? Is there a particular style or color scheme that works best in the Sound?
  8. blackvelvet

    Tomic plugs are mostly used without a flasher. They are all numbered according to the color scheme, and are either standard or glow bodies, so if you order some from the factory you want to specify which number,4,5,6 or 7" and glow or no glow.

    The most popular tomic plug used by many charter fishermen in puget sound is the #603, and #600 4" 5" or 6" glow body......the best thing about hooking up with a plug is nothing but line between you and the fish, lotsa fun.

    In puget sound 2007 selective king fishery the tomic plugs were hot hot hot, but 2008, & 2009 they didn't seem to work as well as spoons or squid. Now this year they seem to be catching fish.....Yahoo...........One suggestion for those who chose to order direct from tomic, the season may be petered out before you recieve them, so buying a few from your local tackle shop is probably a good idea for the rest of this king season..........I usually buy my tomics in the off season, that way I have them during the hot tomic "bite" time..........Tomic has over 1000 different variations, so it's always best to ask around to find out which ones work best for where you are fishing.

    P.S. when fishing tomics make sure your downrigger release holds firm so a good hookset will occur prior to release, otherwise it is a high probability you will lose the fish.
  9. silverking0

    And I thought I had a little Lure "Problem" with Rapalas and Crankbaits Velvet's Plug "collection" is right up there. BUT you gotta have one in every color and size If you don't that will be the HOT lure.:slap::jig: I have A BUZZ BOMB "Problem" too.
  10. Jermz

    Do the Ace High plugs work as good as the Tomics?
  11. blackvelvet

    That is up to personal preference.....Personally I prefer the tomic plugs(so do the commercial trollers).....

    The major difference is when the leader breaks while fighting a fish, the tomic plug goes away with the fish and the sliding silver horde plug will float to the surface where it can be retrieved(if you can find it)..They both catch fish,tomics seem to have a little more irratic action which I believe to trigger more strikes.
  12. Jermz

    The 5 and 6 inch ace highs i have don't slide.. Kinda hope the fishery goes back to spoons and squids. never had luck with salt plugs. River is a different story.
  13. blackvelvet

    Ace hi is a tomic......Same Same
  14. Jermz

    Cool. Thanks bro. Today was pretty brutal for me so i just need a little confidence on what im trying to do with these plugs.

    Well i better get in the paint shop and finish painting up some more plugs that i got cheap..
  15. Hoghunter

    Great plug collection there Ted. Sad part is how many will actually catch fish???

    Historically I've found that only about 1 in 4 plugs is a go to plug. I've got tons of plugs sitting around that have never caught fish.

    Tomic plugs can be modified to float up as well. Cut the brass bar and pull it out. You can then run your line right through the body. Works wll for me.

    Seen you on the bar yesterday Ted. Did you end up with anything? We hit it hard until 12:30 and then left. Had 8 on and were only able to put two in the boat. Seems a good portion of even the smaller fish I've been catching have one to many fins.
  16. fishnazzi

    I saw Ted while towing yesterday...........I think he had a few................You won't here from him until late this afternoon...........He was going again.
  17. Titan

    Picked a few this morning at 3 Rivers Marine in Woodinville. They had the Tomic 603 in several sizes.
  18. ShoreSling_r

    Hi folks... am new to this site after being turned on to it by a fishing buddy, first post here.

    Great selection of Tomic plugs at Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply on Commodore Way near Fisherman's Terminal. These guys cater to the commercial trollers so have good assortment of colors and sizes -- especially the bigger 6" and 7" plugs. Prices are not cheap for non-members, and the rest of their gear not too great for us sporties... but if Tomics is what you are after you can always get 'em there.
  19. ShoreSling_r

    Sorry all... new to this site and can't seem to figure out how to delete a duplicate entry.
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  20. fishing fanatic

    fast faster and faster yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the key to tomics. tubbys if in close. know how to tune them as well. knot to the top