Time to get the LEAD out!

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Classifieds' started by PugtSounDav, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. PugtSounDav

    Assorted lead weights, from 4 to 24 onces: pyramids, canonballs, bank sinkers, trolling/mooching styles.
    If you've priced lead lately, then you know that some of these cost $4 each!
    Over 38 pounds of total weight, so, pick-up or meet near Gig Harbor, WA.

    $75 for the whole batch.

    Thanx, Dave.

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  2. muletender

    sent pm
  3. PugtSounDav

    Yo Muletender,
    Your PM was there for just a moment, then it disappeared?
    What's up wid dat?

    For everyone else:

    Maybe some of you guys are only interested in heavy metal?
    So, just for you deep-droppers, I'll modify my offer this way:

    I'll keep the smaller weights of 8oz and less:
    (the smaller banana rigs and the smallest 4 canonballs)

    Then the other 32+ pounds of heavy sinkers will be available for only $50.
    (that's only about a buck-fifty per pound of lead)

    Halibut season is only a month away, get your lead out!
    Thanx, Dave.
  4. PugtSounDav

    All of this lead has been sold. Thanx, Dave.