Tijuana Airport Parking?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by BangHUss, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. BangHUss

    Might be flying Volaris to Los Cabos. Never done it but the flight is way cheaper. Is there any parking at the TJ airport and if so is it at all safe. Thanks! :beerbang:
  2. la vida

    There is a parking lot. But I think you would be nuts to leave a car there.
    Shuttle bus from Downtown san Diego to TJ airport or park in a lot on this side and walk over and get a cab.
    My .02
    have a great trip.
  3. PoolMan

    There are two lots and we've never had trouble. It is about $14 per day, so if you're doing a quick turn around it makes sense. If you're going for a week or more $6 parking on the north side in Otay is a better deal. Walk across and cab it to the airport. Coming back walk northeast from the airport to the main road for a cheaper cab (no airport fees).
  4. renegademike

    I know lots of guys that do that and have never heard of any problems. pool mans advice is right on

    I use Morales Auto Storage,9050 Siempre Viva Road, (619) 661-8028. they give you a free ride to the border and back. Priced around $5 or less a day if I remember right. Never a problem even leaving my newer diesel truck!!! Just make sure to ask where and how to get picked up!!!
  6. BangHUss

    Thanks for all the good feedback!
  7. vago5150

    I left my car at Delta Parking in Otay when I went to Puerto Vallarta last month. I found these guys online when I was trying to decide how to get to the Tijuana airport. I figured that parking on the U.S. Side and walking back across the border would be a better idea than driving and dealing w/ the madhouse of a line when we would come back.

    Three items you should know:
    1. Non-covered parking stalls.
    2. Share a stall with 4 other cars, which means you have to leave your keys. If you're not comfortable with that, try somewhere else.
    3. This is a trucker parking area in a gravel lot where the rigs are kept, but they also serve regular cars and trucks.

    Parked at 6:45am and we were shuttled over in about 5 min to the line where we had to walk across to grab a cab. This is a cheap way to leave your car in Otay Mesa ($4 w/ coupon), no frills and safe enough for me and my Honda. Here is the link for a coupon (it states it's good until 8/15/10, so call ahead to make sure it is valid)
    Delta Truck Parking - Tijuana Airport Parking Alternative in Otay Mesa

    Good luck!
  8. BangHUss

    How far of a cab ride is it to the Airport from the border?
  9. vago5150

    We paid $10. They'll quote you more, but just tell him that you'll give him $10 and they'll most likely take it. It took about 5 minutes, and that was with stoplights. I was on the U.S. side in less than five more minutes.
  10. muchopescado

    We have parked my wife's XJ8, my F350 and my buddy's expedition many times and never had a problem. Probably better than LAX