Tiger guide underwraps?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Matt_e, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Matt_e

    Has anyone ever tried doing tiger underwraps? I'm rewrapping a Calstar 6455 XXH, and I'm thinking about trying this. With all of the epoxy over the base wraps, would the underwrap be too thick? It IS a heavy blank...

    My other option is to wind a tiger wrap from the line check to the second guide (from the top grip).

    Any thoughts?
  2. Capt. G

    VLR John did a 196-7 for me with Tiger underwraps, and it came out sweet.
    I do not think is looks too bulky on a SW rod , and certainly should not on your 6455.
    That is what "custom" is all about--give it a try, and see if you like it. If not, simply strip it off (before top coating), as these tiger only take a few minutes to do.

    As for your second question, if "line check" is the same thing as "windcheck", I have done about a dozen extended Tigers/CKW wraps, and they looks pretty sweet as well.
  3. BakerStBobby2

    I've seen Doc do base wrap tigers on a lot of rods. They look great!
  4. bass_blaster

    I was at Day at the Docks earlier this year and at the All American Roller guide booth they had some rods on display. One of the rods was a red,white, and blue theme rod that Doc Ski did and it had tiger underwraps on all the guides(correct me if I'm wrong Doc). My memory might be a little off but I believe it was a spiral wrapped rod with those All American spiral rollers. I've had a lot of beer and Jager-Bombs since then so I might be a little off. Anywho, whatever kind of rod it was looked amazing and the since it was a S.W. rod the guides didn't look too bulky at all.
  5. BakerStBobby2

    The trick is on the guide base wraps not to use much flex-coat between under and over wraps on the tigers. There will be the tiger effect, but not a lot of movement. Do this if you don't want a lot of build-up on the guide wraps.
    On the butt wrap tiger, do the same colors but use quite a few layers of finish on the under wrap to get lots of movement when completed.
    If this dosen't make any sense...give me a call and I'll explain it a little better.
    Bobby Gowin
    Glenn's Tackle
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  6. Raymond Adams

    It's a lot of work but it's possible to "tiger" the entire wrap both under & over.

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  7. vdub

    that's a lot of love for the tiger
  8. FAT CAT

    I think you want to have the tigers between the guide feet. That's easy to do. Wrap your under-wrap for the guide foot under normal tension, then loosen it slightly and add one or two contrasting threads for the base wrap between the feet. When you reach the far side, tie off the extra thread(s) and re tighten to complete the under-wrap on the other guide foot. I use 3 or 4 layers of finish (flex-coat lite) on the area between the guide feet before wrapping the top threads. You can either start your top wrap just outside the area that shows between the guide feet or back wrap the entire under-wrap (assuming size A thread). This works really well on larger rods and large guides, but would not be my choice for lighter rods.
  9. Matt_e

    Thanks, everyone. I am (and was) planning to do a single tiger wrap from the top grip to the second guide from the grip with the full 3 to 4 coats of flex coat between wraps. I think I am going to cut it down to 2 coats on the remaining guides, though. I'm using A thread on the whole rod, except for the 2 guide feet overwraps (C thread).
  10. Matt_e

    Yep, I meant winding check. I was several beers in at the time!
  11. BakerStBobby2

    You can wrap the stripper guide over the tiger wrap, too....
    Check these out!

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  12. Matt_e

    Bobby, I'm gonna wrap the stripper (AFTCO roller) as well as the next guide over the main tiger wrap. The other guides will get the tiger underwrap with a lot less epoxy.
  13. BakerStBobby2

    That's exactly what I'd do. Great minds think alike...lol