Tiburon's in S.Q contacts??

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by jsl, May 16, 2006.

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  1. jsl

    Hello gentlemen,
    I'm thinking about heading down to s.q in a couple of months and would like to try out Tiburon's Pangas. Do any of u guys have their number and which of their captns would u recommend? Will post a report upon my return. Also, do any of u know what happened to Bear Garcia? I was told by the old mill owners that he was not reachable.


  2. dctrjayyy

    Good luck with Alejandro man. I've fished with Tiburon's quite a few times and had good/ bad results. I've reserved boats with him on the phone and then showed up and had him say I never talked to him. Other times, he's invited me over to bbq with the whole crew. Salvatore and Lupe are both good. I lost the number after the last incident and pledged to only fish with Kelly in the future. You may want to think about that too.
  3. jsl

    Thanks bud!! I think I'll go with Bear Garcia instead.

  4. TsTime

    Tiburons number is 011-52-616-165-6003. I agree with the Kelly comment but have always fished with Lupe on the Cucayuan and had a good time. Let Alberto know "Squid Rig" Gary referred over. Hang out on the Sunday the party is happening and don't plan on coming home that day!
  5. jsl

    Thanks Squid. I'll let em know...