Tiburon SST series reels...question

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by Statistico, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Statistico

    I have looked at these reels for some time. Fishing buddies fish with them a bunch. It just clicked in my nut.shell that these reels would be awesome for wahoo, and lunker yellows from the yoyo.

    I have heard that these reels, used, are few and far between. Actually, I am looking for a 6/50.

    I'd like some candid comments about the quality of the smart shift reels since Okuma acquired Tiburon. If I have to buy new, I'd hate to spend a bunch of dinero on poor quality.

    Thanks in advance for good advice.

  2. rodblder

    Outstanding reel for what you desire to use it for, the second you get bit either a hoo or yt, the reel auto shifts to low and you can keep on cranking. A buddy out on the RP currently caught a 160yft last yr on his SST6 on a wahoo jig. I caught a 105 yft on the 7540, next size down from the SST6, last summer at lupe on 40#.
    I have MANY of the older sst reels from the smallest size 7524, to the largest the SST30. I won a new Okuma made SST8 last summer on a trip and used it on my following two 5 day trips and an 8 day trip with no problems and caught many tuna with it to 90 #s. The tiburon folks say the quality is just as good and Okuma has actually made some improvements namely to the clicker assembly and to the gears as they have better gear manufacturing facilitys than does tiburon.
    Only problem i see you having is finding a used SST6 as they are one of the most popular sizes. I don't think you'd be disappointed with a new Oluma made SST. good luck.
    PS-my buddy out on the RP now actually now prefers the SST8 for hoo due to the larger line capacity in case you hook a tuna by mistake while hoo fishing. There is a 7540 on ebay now at $400 which has the same line capacity as the SST6 and its drags are plenty strong for hoo-I believe you can crank the 6 faster however due to the larger spool diameter.
  3. dh515

    I've got a few Tibs and would agree with everything Rodblder said. Great reel for yoyo yellows. Haven't caught a hoo yet with one. This past fall, I bought a SST 30 and a SST 7540. I got a couple of 85# yft on the 30 but no hoos on the 7540. These two reels are both Okuma made with the others I own being US made. The new production quality is excellent, easily as good as the old. The Okuma made reels have a bit brighter anodizing and much smoother gearing. I had the choice on the 30 to get a US or Okuma made as the dealer had both in stock. I went with the newer one because of the gears.
  4. whosyourtaddy

    I have several of these Tiburon's varying from 7524 (single speed) to the SST30. These are the nicest reels you will ever own. Most of mine are the USA made and I have a newer (Brighter gold) in the SST6. Two years ago I was fishing Guadalupe on a Calstar 6480H and a SST8 and I had a 40# top shot. I landed a 143.5lb yellowfin within about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Reel worked like a champ. These reels freespool like no other reels in my opinion. The shifting star on the side I screw in tight. What this does is it allows the reel to shift in and out of low and high fast. If the fish turns around and swims at you it will immediately shift in high to retreive line quick and just the opposite if the fish takes out away from the boat it drops into low. I've not used mine for Wahoo....but I will now. I'm heading out on a 12 day this year and will set up a SST8 for Wahoo. Also, I'm getting a special made SST50 Topless made for this 12 day. Can't wait to put that baby on my new Super Seeker 6463XXXH.
  5. No Cal Lou

    OH OH OH !!!!!


  6. coryellk

    FYI. Ken's can take your SST16/20/30 and drop a 1.2 low gear into it for $100 including labor. This allows you to retain the 4.7 high gear and get more torque than the 1.9 low gear provides. It kills big fish faster.
  7. whosyourtaddy

    No Cal Lou, I'm getting it from Rich at Tiburon in Santa Ana, he's trying to put an order together for 50 reels, then he'll build them. After the 50 reels it will get turned over to Okuma to build the SST50 Topless from then on. Go to the Tiburon website and e-mail himi your interested.
  8. eteo

    What is the price for the 50 in this special order?
  9. the_codfather

    I have a 12, a 16 and now 4 30's. I love them all. I beat a 200lb dusky shark to the boat in under an hour on a 30lb outfit with the 12, its a great jigging reel too. The 30's are for trolling, the auto-shift feature cant be beat. Its effortless, not even noticable and doesnt give the fish an inch. I dont even pump the rod anymore, just crank away and it comes right in. Ill be posting pictures along with a reel review and drag curve next week, stay tuned!
  10. Angry Dad

    The new gears are great. The 16,20,30 are now true cow reels.

    The 50 will set you back just over $1000.00

  11. Statistico

    Great responses for all. I did chat with Ken Corwin and he said that some of the hardware has changed but the quality seems to be as good as before.

    I would still like to hear from those that have purchased the newer models for any things to be concerned about.

  12. the_codfather

    Big, thick gears, everything is really overdone. Two things Ive noticed. Push button from strike-full is plastic (but really never gets any force on it) and there is a cover on the left hand spool that stops the spool rod from moving around, its also plastic. Again, not really a problem but I find that the two screws in it get over-tightened easily in the plastic and are hard to remove. Id replace it with aluminum but thats just me. Had one screw there work itself out on the 12 and go bouncing around. Quick fix.
  13. the_codfather

    But wait theres more!

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  14. nachofish

    My wife and I took our SST 6 and SST 8 to Cabo last year and caught 22 Marlin up to 200lb.'s in 2 days.
    We lost 2 due to bad knots but the reels preformed without a hitch. Its amazing to look down at the reel and watch it drop in an out of high/low gear. You just don't loose fish due to the shifting. Works great on big tuna as well. My personal best on 60lb.was taken on the SST12 160#YFT; took 45 minutes. So you know I have both old and new Tibs; so far so good.
  15. craigen

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  16. rodblder

    call tiburon and ask them, only way to get a straight answer, Kens Reel in Oceanside may also know the answer
    I really like the new handles much better and have changed all my sst6 and bigger to the Okuma handles
  17. fishpelagic

    never have seen anyone with a tibouron maybe there good maybe they suck. I know the frames are good so I would expect the reels are good to