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Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by craigen, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. craigen

    FYI... I don't know how widely these second generation Tiburon SST reels are now marketed but I was curious about the service after the sale. An Okuma service rep replied to an email and said that if Okuma built it send it to them and if Tiburon built it send it to Tiburon. So there's a difference in getting service for the older U.S.A. made reels and the newer ones manufactured in China. Is anyone aware of any difference in design or parts between the U.S. Tibs vs. the "new improved" versions made offshore? And when is that rumored SST 50 hitting the market? Cheers...
  2. redbeard

    I have used Okuma's service in the past for my TG15 and was extremely impressed. They have a five year warranty. I sent it in because the shifter would "slip" from first to second. They fixed it and upgraded the reel. Put new drags and bearings, all at no charge.
    I also have many original Tiburons SST's that I recently took in for service. There service was excellent and the pricing very fair, not free like Okuma, but very fair.
    I'm looking forward to the new Okuma Makiara, designed by Tiburon. It is there new high end reel. Okuma is stepping up in a big way, obviously they are committed to bringing a high end product, with the help of Tiburon.
    I saw the SST 50, I was under the impression that they were available in Australia.
  3. rodblder

    I have many older SST models and one new Okuma SST8 that I won on a trip last summer. I was told the main differences are the clicker mechanism is upgraded on the new ones as are the gears as Okuma has better gear manufacturing capabilities than are avail to Tiburon here in the usa. Other than the handle which is much improved on the new models, you can't tell the difference when fishing the reels. The SST 50 is in prototype stage at this point and they have no idea when they will go into production. A buddy got to try one on a RP 18 day trip last yr and really liked it.
    PM also sent