Tiburon frames for Internationals.

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by conchydong, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. conchydong

    Just an FYI. For those of you who have been looking for a topless frame for your International, Tiburon now has them available. I think that these are the only ones now as Baker and Accurate no longer make them.
    Thanks to Steve K. for making me aware of this.

    I did my Cofe'd 30S and Cal'd 50S and I really like them.

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  2. Ready4TheYellow

    I still have some accurate ones at the shop.
  3. screamingreel


    I used the same topless Tiburon frames on my Penn 30Ss and 50Ss...easier to fly line a bait, manage line retrieval and lighter overall weight.

    They are a definite improvement!!

    - Jeff Burroughs
  4. conchydong

    Jeff, I am very pleased. I weighed the options of selling the reels and jumping in on the Makaira craze but I decided to do this upgrade instead and couldn't be happier. I will give them a go on FL Swordfish before I do my next Long Range trip.
    Penn parts are always easier to find IMO and the reels are easy to maintain.
  5. fishe

    How much for a 50 S frame?
  6. conchydong

    David, I ordered direct from Tiburon and I think it was $165 for the 50 S. Since I am not in CA, I paid shipping but no tax. I think you can order them also through Charkbait and maybe some other dealers and get free shipping or local pick up, but you will still get stuck with sales tax.
  7. screamingreel

    Hello David,

    Cofe products in San Diego has them...8727 Covina Street, San Diego, CA, 92126.
    Phone: (858) 549-3407. Ask for Larry.

    - Jeff
  8. fishe

    Thanks for all the info.