Tiagra 30WLRS Pinion Shaft

Discussion in 'Shimano Reels' started by Steve K, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Steve K

    Just had one of these opened for for a buddy. Did the same treatment that I gave his 50; just a drag washer cleanup and grease with Cal's grease and a clean up of the two spool bearings, oil with a couple of drops of Reel-X.

    When I pulled the Pinion Shaft out I saw that the right end of it, near the gears, has some small recesses. These seem to allow the Belleville Washers to sort of "float" around that section of the shaft, possibly allowing them to not mate properly to provide good tension. Anybody had any problems with this?

    I'm going to call attention to this post to both Dan from Shimano as well as our good friend Alan Tani.
  2. alantani

    steve, it's been ages since i've opened up a tiagra, but the bellevilles should not rattle around.......