Thrilled to Announce a New Family Addition!!!

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by tambs, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. tambs

    I am happy to announce the imminent arrival of my new baby! :)

    The offer is made and accepted, and I'm lining up the surveyor and mechanic as we speak. The boat's in awesome shape, so I'm cautiously optimistic that all will be found to be A-OK.

    She's a 1998 25' Carolina Classic, with a single Volvo 7.4GI attached to a Duo Prop via a jackshaft. Electronics include a Raymarine C120 GPS/Chartplotter/24mi Radar, Icom VHF, TR-1 Gladiator Autopilot, Navman 3100 fuel flow managment system, 32 gallon integrated transom livewell, and an ACR 406 MHZ EPIRB.

    It's loaded with additional gear, and looks like its only a one or two year old boat. The current owner has taken unreal care of this battlewagon. It was a freshwater boat up until 2005 at about 450 hours, and has been in the salt since then (now at 736 hours). It hasn't been moored in the salt, however, for more than a long weekend at a time.

    Here's a few pic's....I'll post more when I get it home.

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  2. Glad Wrap

    That thing looks sweet. Looks like someone is going tuna fishing this year in his own boat!
  3. marlyn

    Score!clean boat.
  4. wood2turn

    She's a beauty!! Whatever you paid (and I'm not asking) got a great deal!!
    Gorgeous absolutely Gorgeous...

    Can you see me beign GREEN with envy??
  5. BugeaterInWa

    Wow that is a nice lookin boat! Congrats to heres to many, many seasons on the seas with her! :hali_olutta:
  6. GHfishin

    One Word: Fricken Gorgeous!!!!
  7. Spokaloo

    Badass, nice to see a big boat east of the hills!

  8. TexMojoII

    Nice boat and I would love to hear how she rides with the engine tucked up in there so nicely. Good deal.
  9. tambs

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm stoked to say the least!

    Once I get it home and can sit down in it and make out a detailed list of to-do's I'll definitely be getting back with you all and getting some of that top-notch bruthahood advice!
  10. Tower Todd

    Probably one of the best riding 25ers ever built. Congrats on your new sled.

  11. Marlin Mike

    Right on,
  12. Cap'n Coldeye

    Congrates! Nice
  13. goody31

  14. fishermatt

    Sweet boat. Should ride awesome with the engine up there.:hali_olutta:
  15. badlaz69

    bad ass looking boat need to hear how she handles in the big blue congrats
  16. paddy waker

    I noticed the the engine is located forward of the drive . I haven't seen a setup like that before . It seems like it will work really well . Congrats !
  17. nwcoug

    Gorgeous addition to the family. Congrats!
  18. dragonballs

    very nice get a bd sticker on that thing and head to lapush for the hali opener....:finger:
  19. Hawaiian Style

    Wow looks like who ever owned it took care of it looks great!!!!!
  20. Fishin' Luhrs

    SWEET!! Nice Boat!!