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  1. Bank Robber

    Short version: Dave fell in water while making bait, threshers went off, C&Rd 2 out of 4 chances, had about 8 tail strikes, saw two free jumpers, talked to some BD bros on the radio.

    Long Version:
    On Saturday I talked to Emerson about fishing local for some bass or barries on the shoe after he helped me with some work on my car. Around 9pm he remembers he has an obligation so F it ! no fishing, oh well. Then around 10pm my friend Dave calls to tell me about his daughters prom blah blah blah. So after hearing the Ts bit good on Sat. I asked if he might want to go and hes says sure can I bring a friend? He brought Keith who has little to no saltwater experience. No problem. Back in the Saddle!!

    So we arrive early and a guy I met last week (can't remember his name) on the boat Yknot slings me some cured macks Nice! Thanks a lot !

    We try to make bait but the anticipation gets the best of me and I can't wait to put one of those cured babies in a BOM and start draggin' We trolled for about 3 hours for 1 KD.

    Worked my way out to the fleet that was gathering and started getting tailwhacked and hooked our first T of the day about 120-130. Quick release on a very lively thresher. I put Keith on it and he was fucking stoked, he couldn't believe how hard the sucker pulled LOL. Kept at it and got another one about an hour after blowing a chance at one after it returned to eat the bait. It was Daves turn and his PB, We guessed that one at about 160-180 and let her go too. Well she pretty much told us she was leaving LOL Didn't get any pics of the Ts but we took some crappy ass video.

    Anyway awesome day on the water great weather, great company cooperative sharks. Talked to Birdman, @EZ and Finseeker on the radio nice too meet you guys out there today.

    The last pic is what happens when an angry thresher comes up against a forged 7/0 hook, a brand new 6364 XXXXh SS and an avet 50 spooled with 200lb spectra. All that with 36 lbs of drag!!!

    5 18 08 Dana T 001 (Small).jpg 5 18 08 Dana T 002 (Small).jpg 5 18 08 Dana T 004 (Small).jpg
  2. seanimyers

    Dean what a great day on the water..... and you thought you were just going to stroke some ling!!!! Wacking the T's proved to be a lot more fun. Great job, look forward to some pics or vid of the hook ups. Whats next, limits of ghosts in the harbor....keep up the good work!!! Sean
  3. Father Ken

    What a day. Tight Lines Bank RoBBBBBBer. :imdumb:
  4. sdfishkiller

    Nice Dean. True Sportsman Style!

    36#'s ouch.
  5. @-EZ

    Dean, good talking to you on the water today. Congrats on the fish.
  6. Spyder

    Sounds like a fun day 2 me. Right on guys!
  7. jack77

    Hey,nice pics but i dont see any fish,any way i heard you guys had a great time.boy i am sure glad someone else fell off,not just me,ha ha ha ha ha ,anyway all talk with ya later,
  8. The Fish Seeker

    Thanks for the help out there today. Today was the most frustrating fishing day for me that I have ever had. We finally did hook up at 3:25pm and boated a #150. At least we had a happy ending.
    Thanks again.
  9. Ready4TheYellow

    WTG Dean Good times on the water....

    Emerson...but we will never forget the splash that you made....:food-smiley-014:
  10. Bank Robber

    I like it, I think I'll keep it Bank Robbber.......out! LOL

    You'll always be the first Emerson.

    No problem, glad you guys got one in the end.
  11. 26grumpy

    WTG on the release Dean. I came back from Cat yesterday PM and there was a parking lot at 6 miles off Dana !
  12. dbar

    Sounds like one hell of a day on the water!!!!
  13. KennyMac

    Totally bitchin day on the water... way to go, bro.
  14. Fred Archer

    Again, waytago, Robber!
  15. watch-n-learn

    Awsome day it seems like, and good job on the releases!
  16. 1bigfisch

    Hey Dean, any bites on your new stick? WTG on getting a newby out there and the C&R
  17. mercerm

    Great Job! That is one hell of a day!
  18. Bank Robber

    Thanks Fred, you know I didn't have the guts to try a circle in a fillet. Maybe next time.

    Michael, every single tail strike except for one came on that rod and both sharks were wound in on it so mission least my buddies got to use it LOL.