Three dog night, well afternoon LOL

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by bertram31, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. bertram31

    <img src="" alt="More Ono's" />

    Got a late start this morning since Mike aka jagerhunchback had some chit to do onbase this morning. We pulled out of the harbor around 10:30 am with a stiff wind all ready blowing. Went toward the 500 fathom curve and dropped in the jigs. Work somewhat close toward the 1000 while maintaining a downhill course LOL

    Worked our way up the island for 8-9 miles under scattered bait and birds. Never really looked too fishy so the decision came pretty easy to move into the 40 fathom ledge and work back down the island for Ono/Wahoo. Took and nice hit on the tony the tiger marauder and within seconds of the first a second hit came on a heavy chrome jethead. Both dogs landed and it was time to move on.

    After working the same area for a few more empty passes we continued toward the harbor. About a mile from the harbor took anothe single strike on the same marauder under some boobie birds. Was hoping for a second or even thrid strike but it wasnt to be. Happy with a hat trick and the serious blowing wind the decision to head in was easy to make.

    I spaced and didnt get a picture of Mike with the fish also on my camera, but I did take some on his for him. I hope he will add a pic to the post also.

    <img src="" alt="Ono's" />

  2. Saluki

    Damn Jack!!!

    Nice job on the toothy critters!!!!
  3. bertram31

    Thanks Brandon

  4. barracuda Killer

    Damn Jack, those 3 dont make my one fucker, lol, baby killer, lol

    Just fuckin with ya Bro. nice job man. how much is fuel now?
  5. bertram31

    No worries newhoodaddykilla LOL these arent Alijos Hoo's, but damn tasty though. We get our bigger models in the fall.Here is a pic of my 82 pound Alijos Hoo
    <img src="" alt="Wahoo1" />

    Fuel at my Marina is 3.38 a gallon now, WTF I paid 3.21 for gas this morning.

  6. jagerhunchback

    see i told you jack!!! no one appreciates this hawaii fishery from socal, it's all cuz those jokers are jealous!!! so here's my pics, all you cats keep in mind that we are trolling for ono/wahoo within sight of the wainae kentucky fried chicken!!! see the first pic, that red building you guessed it the colonel's house!!!! that should give you an idea of fishing in this place!!!

    donsboat 018.jpg donsboat 019.jpg donsboat 020.jpg donsboat 021.jpg donsboat 022.jpg donsboat 023.jpg
  7. fishnsoldier

    Nice ono Bro, I'm glad to see you guys got some today. You folks stuck in Cali can't even begin to imagine catching Ono, Ahi, Marlin less than 5 miles from the local KFC!!!!!!
    With some luck we will kill some more tommorow
  8. vellocity

    congrats Jack!
    looks like you're getting your groove on over there...
    those water photos bring back good memories!
    coming out of Waianae harbor we took a RIGHT turn 90% of the time, so i grew up deep in the trough of gnarly seas out by the CO bouy up to the double ball lineup..
    believe it or not, the rougher the water got the better the fish bit for us.. the trolling lures worked better, way more action.. Griz can probably agree, he's got rough water up in Haleiwa..

    our rule was if you find the Aku you will find the 'other' fish too... so don't give up on the Aku birds!!
    i might be back in Hawaii in mid August...
  9. skippajack

    Good job Jack,,, Hang on for da blow dis week trades are picking up.

    Your boat can handle tho. Go geev um brah
  10. bradmaralbacore

    nice job, score some mahi for us to drool over.
  11. bertram31

    Too bad that KFC doesnt have a boatable drive through window LOL Me and the hoodaddycudakilla would be all over dat chit LOL

    Anyway getting ready to go this morning with the trades blowin at my house pretty stiff all ready. Guess its too late to call the boys and tell um I am playing golf instead LOL

  12. Tinknocker

    Nice report Jack. Those hoo's are definitely on the top of my list for eats!
  13. anykine77

    Right on Jack,

    Nice looking Ono's. Hard to find the big ones on our side but plenty of those sizes.

  14. barracuda Killer

    I really hate you fuckers
  15. abserd wee

    :bablefish nice fish dont let them bite your feet!
  16. squirtis

    Nice work on the whoo's Jack!!!!!!