Threading spectra?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by LAChamp, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. LAChamp

    Threading spectra?
    Is there a trick to keeping the needle inside the spectra? I picked up the appropriate needle size for 80 lb jb hollow. I was able to make a loop, but it took me forever to keep that needle from coming out the side. I tried wetting it and making sure it stayed as straight as possible when threading it. Maybe it’s just a practice thing. I also rolled the line back and forth with my fingers to help open it up. That helped, but maybe that was the problem. Didn't have time to experiment
    more last night.
  2. 1:11

    Need a smaller needle, or use dull dykes to cut the mono so the cut end mushrooms out a little. Then wedge the line into the needle and push. It should get stuck in there and your problem is solved. Of course once you pop needle thru the spectra pull the needle off the line and use a clipper or cutter to clean the cut end up. Dont forget to pick up a nail file (3-stage emory type board) for polishing and buffing the line. Someone else can chime in about the nail file.

    edit- if the mushroom end is now too bulky to fit into the needle i use a nail clipper and nip a little off the mushroom until it fits into the needle.
  3. LAChamp

    Thanks Jason,
    This is the needle I got. Its saids it's for 80 lb. I guess it's more of a hook then a needle. Haven't tried pushing mono through yet. Just making loops for pre made Basil wind-on leaders. I don't have the needle your talking about with the hollow back yet. I was able to make a nice loop end with the spectra. Just keeping that small hook end from coming out the side was a bitch. Thanks for the repsonse. -- Product Detail
  4. Alter Ego

    Having just made a few splices and Sato crimped connections, I know what you mean. It takes some time and practice to be able to thread up into the spectra. When it does push out the side, slide it back inside the spectra and try to find the lumen again. This was really a bitch with 60#; that is why I spliced a section of 80# to the end of the 60.
  5. Keta

    Keep the Spectra in line with the needle and push carefully. Some Brands of Spectra splice easier than others.

    My current "plan" is to be in Venice sometime in April or May, if you still need help come down and visit. Money is tighter than usual this year and plans could change.
  6. dalurker

    i would purchase the loop tool at the bottom of the pic too. insert the pointy end in first to *open* the spectra. the Sato Crimp Kit comes with a *shaped* wire to insert and open your spectra. if you have single strand wire, you can bend it in half and spread it to a diamond shape to assist in opening your 80lb.

    the latch needle is can be broken easily so be careful!

    see pics below.

    tools ed.JPG
  7. LAChamp

    Thanks guys! I'll give the wire a try. I think I have some somewhere at home. I can see how that would help. That needle is small as hell.

    Lee, haven't been to Venice in a while now. Been spending a lot of time down at the bosses camp in Pecan Island. Doing a lot of fishing in the canals. The Reds and Flounder are in like crazy now. We're trying to make a trip off shore soon. The weather has been nasty with these fronts coming through. Now that Red Snapper season is over, we'll go after Mangrove Snapper and Grouper. Of course we'll also make stops at any weedlines we come to for Cobia, Mai-Mai and Wahoo.
  8. blindfth

    Lay the line on flat area and try to push the hollow spectra toward the needle, not pushing the needle inside the hollow spectra. That helped me a lot.
  9. LAChamp

    Thanks Jeff, I'll give that a try.
  10. Alter Ego

    The wire to open the spectra is critical.
  11. Steve K

    Anthony, the needle you have, the Latch Needle, is strictly for making loops and splces. I have either lost track or completely lost all of mine. I have a couple of loop pullers that Tim Campbell sent me. Two for when I lose one.;) It's just single strand wire folded in half with a rounded bullet shaped end at the bend rather than a sharp bend. Works easily with the hollow and becuse it's so long, I can use it to make a loop in the end of the spectra off the reel, too as I can pass the reel through the loop. I looked at the diagram for making the spliced loop for years without understanding the "turns itself inside out" part. After practicing with the technique, it's fairly easy. I've also done several inline splices recently and have that down as well.

    Working with several lb tests of hollow spectra, I find the JB 80 lb hollow the easiest to work with as it has the tightest weave. When you go down to 60 lb or the Berkley 80 lb hollow, the weave is much looser and has a lower thread count and it's easy to push through the sidewall. Same with the 130 and 200 lb hollow as it has a lower thread count than the 80 lb. Blackwater is the tightest weave I've seen. I have only played around with it once, with a 10' sample of their 100 lb to make an 80 lb fluoro wind-on, and that stuff is very tightly woven.
  12. LAChamp

    Thanks Steve, I'll have some time this week with Thanksgiving and all to play around with it. I will be trying the wire first. At first I didn't understand the "turns itself inside out" thing as well, but once I did it, it made sense. I did end up making up my first loop with a cut off peice I had and it came out nice. I tied it onto my Shimano scale to set my drag on my 4/0 and it stayed nice and tight. I just need to make the loop a little bigger next time.
    Thanks for anyones comments!
  13. Alter Ego

    With the few that I have done, that was my observation, as well.
  14. Keta

    Steve K,
    Give Jerry Brown a call, he sells short, I think 3" long, latch hooks for $2.00 ea. They had Sm and LG, the small works on 60lb.

    JB yellow and red are harder to get the needle through than the same class of JB white. JB 100 works the same as JB 80.

    I know this is a late reply, but I started worling with the hollow stuff as soon as it came out. The best thing that I have found to thread inside hollow spectra is a single strand of copper speaker wire doubled over. Remove the plastic casing on the wire and unravvel 1 strand of copper. Double it over, and then you can pull loops into the spectra real easy. Just don't double it over to the point where the tip is sharp. Just slightly rounded is perfect and you will fight with it a lot less than using needles.
  16. LAChamp

    Great suggestion! thanks
  17. rdrrm8e

    This is for right handed peeps. Reverse if left handed

    Put the spectra to you left. Hold the spectra between your left thumb and left middle finger about 1/2 " from the end. extend your left index finger and lay the spectra over it. You should have a straight piece of spectra from the thumb/middle finger to the index finger. Hold your wire in your right hand and start feeding the spectra onto the wire with you left.

    The trick is to keep the specra straight between your left thumb and index finger.

    wahoodad taught me this