Thomas Hamill

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by YO HO ONO, May 2, 2004.

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  1. YO HO ONO

    I knew the first time I looked at Him, He'd escape, or kill His Captors.... He had the look .....I could tell He was a survivor! He looked like he was going to jam the gun up his captors ass, Saw a photo of him held at gun point in a cab,right after he was taken Hostage. He's a bad Mammer Jammer that Thomas Hamill. He reminds me of my favorite TV bad ass............. Tex Cobb
  2. el Toro

    What I love is that right after he escaped and found the US convoy, he took them back to the house where he had been held captive. I sure hope he got to beat some ass. Payback can be a bitch.
  3. Ali Admin


    Wifey and I were saying the same thing.

    He looked like he was being inconvenienced and just biding his time until he was outta there.

    What a STUD.
  4. Kurt

    Ha, we said the same. I bet if there were'nt any of those fucking Journalist Nazi ass suckers around they stomped on some bags.......
  5. Mo Betta

    I heard his wife told him that she couldnt wait for him to come home. He said, Home? I got work to do. What a guy..............
  6. YO HO ONO

    Hey Now Ali, where's that Damn new boat at........ SST's look outrageous today
    Last tuna 11/14/03 for this kid ....................hint hint hint