This could have been Waatoosee!!!!

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by Hirize, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Hirize

    Fucking Frank! Jusyt had to go to the other island and blow me off eh????

    Well take this!
    • This could have been Waatoosee!!!!-Natedog5a.jpg
  2. Hirize

    Old Natedog hang this bad boy of 250 to 275 (easy) with STANDUP 80 wide gear and a 130 class rod!!
    One tired ex Marine after 40 minutes of a tug of war.
    • This could have been Waatoosee!!!!-Natedog6a.jpg
  3. Hirize

    The funny thing is that 10 minutes before we had a 350 or better Marlin tail dancing for about ten minutes and then broke the line!!! Took my best lure.

    Got the lines back in and this guy hit the long corner and did some of his own tail walking!!

    Aloha, Pete & Natedog
    • This could have been Waatoosee!!!!-Natedog4a.jpg
  4. Hirize

    • This could have been Waatoosee!!!!-Natedog3a.jpg
  5. Hirize

    Could you manage an 80 Wide Penn on a 130 class rod with standup???????
    (I think Frank was...........scared!!!! :):):):)

    Love ya Frank, really wish you had come over!!

    Aloha and Mahalo!!!
    • This could have been Waatoosee!!!!-Natedog2a.jpg
  6. Mstonefish

    Is that a leash attached to your buddies ass To keep him from getting ripped overboard LOL

    Whippedtoosee won't be fishing much until he comes back to his senses ;) :D
  7. Hirize

    Fucking YES!!!!!

    That fish was pulling hard and as safety goes if something breaks you need to be tied joke when your there in person!!

    Aloha, Time to barbeque!!
  8. Fishin4Life

    Bitchn photos........
  9. Surfdoc

    Right ON!!!!! You were due Pete. Congrats...

    No way could Pussywhippedtoosee handle a beast like that... Now his women>>>Maybe..:D
  10. Mot's Sr.

    Way to go Peter, I've been waiting for this report. Great pictures, and congrats on the fish Dude. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! gunz gunz gunz gunz

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