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Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by ahi lawaia, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. ahi lawaia

    With the wind blowing too much and the water too junk to go bottomfish, and trolling seemingly a waste of gas, what can a couple of old fut fishermen do? Sit at home and watch the grandkids? NOT!

    We take the third option and hop on Bucketman's boat and go drag shell for the tako! First drop, hanapaa!


    We gettum in the net and in the boat! Nice size!


    The tako not showing up in droves but four of them jump our lures and we get three in da boat, with the fourth letting go of the lure before we can get it to the net. Nice size kine: 6½, 7¾, and 8¾ pounds.


    We gottum all on lures Bucketman makes:


    Not bad for a few hours relaxation on the water and sure beats sitting home on the couch or staring at the honey-do list! Plus we get tako for holiday parties - yumm!

    Now if only the dang winds and seas calm enough for us to add onaga and other bottomfish to the menu...

    Tight lines to all.
  2. KIWI808

    Lobster/ crayfish lure is mean
    Nice tako
  3. volcanic

    Can Dr.Hoshino teach us those tricks too??
  4. Pupule

    "Dragging shell" I imagining things? Lobster lures? You go, CP! :)
  5. russell kato

    Wow Courtland,
    No can go wrong with 1-2-3 option plan! I prefer the first two (trolling or bottomfishing) but hey, no can grumble with that kine size tako in the "box". I can only imagine carrying the gear neccesary to do any or all three in a day!:rofl:.
  6. fetzerb

    Nice job! I like tako, but don't know how to cook it. I Might try catching them someday.
  7. Morris Lures

    good going nice size tako
  8. BNaks

    Those are some big buggahs. Good going and those are some nice lures also. Does Ken sell them?
  9. BucketMan


    I do but only to J & E Fishing Supply. Their's are the cheapest in town. I supply the base and rig the shells that they provide. The artificial and real shells below are for my personal use. About eight years ago I bought 100 lobsters @ 2 bucks apiece from Accoutrements but they don't carry it anymore. I only have 22 left. I'll give you a lobster lure & in the future you can buy them from J & E. PM me.

    BTW: Both of my two tako molds were made by "Tom Futa". I redesigned my prongs after his. I still have the original tako lure that he gave me.

    Tako must be coming up because this past week I provided J & E with 15 blanks. Our last trip burned a little over a gallon of gas. And auwe! to da “dickhead” who hit my trailer and left yellow marks on the port side front fender and tire. He came close to tearing off one of the fender lights. Remember brah, “What goes around…/…Comes around”.

    Back in the seventies, my dad caught a 23# tako with the double shell lure below. My personal best is 18#. Back in those days it was not unusual to catch over twenty tako fishing one-man in a day.


    Reminder to "da real man": Don't forget to pick-up your 7" Futa & tako lures.

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  10. adobo

  11. Mingo

    Beyond cool. Love those lures........hmmmm.....dropping one down on a flyrod....hmmm...

    Cool chit!
  12. grander007

    I sure would like to take one of them takos out to the 500 fathom curve and live bait the mofo! I did that by V buoy onetime and fought a monster for 2 hours before pulling hooks. We got the tako inside by Yokohama bottom fishing in 10 fathoms using aku belly.

    Tight lines,
  13. outrage17

    Hey Cortland, good going on them tako's! When I come back from my Vegas trip, I will be hitting the water again......
  14. ahi lawaia

    I'm pretty sure he could!

    Lobsters get shells too, yah? ;) Da Bucketman get all kine, cowry shell, lobster shell, crab shell, fake shell, as shown in his pic, and all catch.

    No problem if you buy one bigger boat, Russ! Nah, just joking, the tako gear no take up any space at all, fit in your 15-footer no problem. Just nomo as much space for the tako to crawl around in. :)

    Ben, you're catching so much fish, you don't need to go to the third option! Keep up the catching and reporting.

    Eric - How'd you keep the tako on the hook? Them buggahs so smart and flexible, seems like it'd work its way off. What did you hanapaa using the live tako?

    Good luck in Sin City, Brian. Hopefully when you get back you'll be hitting the water in a brand new boat, courtesy of your winnings.

    Tight lines to all.
  15. dausualinc

    Awsome report and beautiful lures. We are fortunate to have so many different types of fishing that we can do here in Hawaii, not just trolling.