Thinking of going solar, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by SALTYDAWG, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    After just getting a brand new roof and just getting my electric bill from the good old SG&e I decided to check out a few of these solar deals that make SDG&E buy back, yadi yada yada, anyway I think I found a decent deal through a company out of OC called Verengo Solar. Anyway, it is 0 out of pocket money and 1st year savings of about 500 bucks and that increases every year, and best of all, it locks in the upper tier rates so all the projected massive increases SDG&E are planning wont effect me. Anybody done one of these deals, amI missing something? I'm about ready to pull the trigger
  2. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    DO IT,, We are 99% SOLAR here at Catalina Offshore,,, worth every penny
  3. Local Fishin'

    Do it! You've got the foundation of a new roof brother, and we're blessed with all the natural sunshine, It's a win win situation, you'll save down the road.
  4. Tues

    Do it.

    My buddy owns a solar company, and it's the real deal. I was going to do my place, but I'm dumping my capital into my new business. He also thinks there is going to be more rebate money next year if Saluki's brother is reelected so I'm going to hang lose to next year....
  5. Saluki

    My neighbor went with Solar City last summer & had a positive experience.
    With the government throwing away a half a billion dollars at a time into the industry it can't be a bad thing.........can it?

    I have been thinking about giving Solar City a call, but I hate high pressure salesmen.
  6. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I checked Solar City and Verengo and both were good, Verengo was a little better deal, and "carbon footprint" and other green commie global warming crap wasnt part of the sales pitch. They also give a free month and 500 bucks for a referal, so I'm signing you up Brando :D
  7. marlyn

    "I'm dumping my capital into my new business"
    Adult book store?
    Bottomless sushi restaraunt?
    inquiring minds...
  8. Blackfish

    We also looked in it.

    Explored the lease option, lock in rates, government rebates (which the solar company gets if you lease)...although it worked out on paper, and required about $1000 bucks up front, we passed. I just had a hard time doing a 20 or 30 year lease, and still paying a monthly bill that was only about $35-45 less per month. The other thing that pushed us away from leasing was the foreseen hassles and drawbacks if we ever wanted to sale the house. Either the new owner would have to take over the lease, or we would have to buy it out.

    I did like the warranty and service offered with the system. Even if we had to replace our roof, they would remove and install the entire system at no cost.

    We decided that of we are going to do it, we were going to buy over lease. It would take about 7 years to break even, but by the 8th year, we were gold. The problem is the 17-20 K price tag. LOL
  9. Blackfish

    I think they should give it to for, and the rest of us are paying for it. &^%$


    ""This week, First Solar unloaded its St. Clair wind farm to NextEra Energy, and so First Solar's financial troubles don't threaten to put the taxpayer on the hook for this deal. But the Ex-Im subsidy itself was a great case in point as to how national industrial policy pitched in the name of helping the U.S. economy often does nothing to help the broader economy, instead helping only those companies lucky -- or politically connected -- enough to get the handouts."""
  10. MikeyLikesIt

    I am interested too. Just re-fi' roof this summer. need your roofers contact info too Bill.
  11. stairman

    Check with who ever did your new roof and the contract stipulations about such may void the warranty...and the solar installation company generally don't give you a warranty on the roof after they are done.....other then that don't let that scare you away,if it pencils out at todays kilowatt rates it ain't gonna get cheaper.
  12. Baja_Traveler

    I put 3kW on the roof during the last round of rolling blackouts 8-9 years ago, timed with a re-fi + $20k on the house. Paid for the system with a mileage credit card, then paid the card off with the money from the re-fi. Then, when all the rebates and tax breaks came along, put that money on a really nice down payment on my F250 - then took the wife to Hawaii with all the miles gained from the solar!
    I put a bank of batteries in so I would not see any blackouts, and it worked great - but if I had it to do over again I would have put in an auto-start generator. Maintanence on the batteries is a real pain, and I've already had to replace them once at $1200.
  13. Saluki

    I'm going to wait until Bill gets his install completed and up & running.

    If Bill hasn't beaten, stabbed, or killed anyone from the company due to being an unhappy customer........I'll listen to what they have to say. :D
  14. Cheney

    I produced a show for someone in this field. They said it's worth it if you plan on being in the house for a while (+10 years I believe). Otherwise you would be paying more than what you will have saved like Blackfish said. He also mentioned the incentives the electric companies/Gov are giving will be reduced in the future, so the earlier you do it the better.
  15. DawnPatrol

    That's what I heard from a guy who was in the solar business.... he said SDGE is putting a cap on the amount of credits for the electricity that goes back into the grid... may be a longer pay-off

    Don't know if thats true or not..... I like the idea of solar
  16. Carl

    Hey Bill. Are you still watering your wheat grass with 100% recycled rainwater? How long to charge up your E Smart car off of the solar system?:D
  17. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Damn right, and I'm wearing clogs and making the old lady grow the hair on her legs and armpits LOL
  18. The Notorious S.U.A.

    this is pretty much how i gauge all my important purchases these days.
  19. Clay

    i know a few roofers if you want an estimate Mikey.
  20. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Mikey give me a call, Laz did the roof and he's the guy you want, and I'll fill ya in on the Solar deal