Thinking about entering the yellowtail tourney. Need a Partner.

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by triton2486, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. triton2486

    I'm thinking about coming into town for the the yellowtail shootout. If I enter I want to win something. Anybody want to partner up and make a real game plan to place in the tourney. It's a lot of work and if I enter I want to have a real game plan that will give us good odds. My boat is dialed in and loaded. I have friends that want go but they have a hard time landing fish leave alone finding fish. We need skillz with a little luck to win something. I'm not very experienced in locating fish, I live in the desert. I can land fish though. I have a ton of gear. Just need the right partner with fish locating skillz.

    PM if your have skillz and are interested.
  2. Carl

    :urno1:Sorry, I'm already spoken for. Therefore, your odds are not good.The odds on favorite is the Phat Boat.In spite of the Banana Bing factor.:worship:This WILL be the awards ceremony feteing the Phat Boat. Don't forget to fatten up our side jackpot. :)
  3. triton2486

    Don't worry if I come in I'll come in for the side jackpot. I just need the right crew.
  4. gecsr1

    Well this late in the game.... the players have already been pre fishin and have their stuff together ... perhaps you should bring Your Friends and enter and learn for next year......

    just an opinion looking from the outside in......and knowing the inside.......
  5. Jaydog

    Well at first I was thinking that you probably shouldn't be entering a fishing tournament and save your money, some of these guys live for this shit and all the prep in the world still doesn't even come close to guaranteeing a winning spot for them. But then I remembered that this tournament is about more than just winning. It's about having fun, meeting other BDers, and sharing in our love for the sport. Bring your families to the awards banquet and meet BDers and swap "huge fish" stories with the boys. Take your buddies and really enjoy this Tournament, JMO.

    And just for the record prefishing this tourney isn't going to help shit. The water at the Islands and LJ is changing every day and who knows where it will be next week. The good guys will watch the conditions and then make a final decision at the last min.
  6. byeye

    There are plenty of skilled fisherman down here that know the waters and know how to fish. It's not too late, post this in every forum and you will get some quality guys to go with you. I never caught a yellow tail so I wouldn't even know where to begin.