thinkin about a jx.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by nmbrinkman, May 31, 2006.

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  1. nmbrinkman

    I definetly want to purchase my third Avet. This reel will go on a Seeker Ulua93h for my iron casting rod. Any input? I was thinking about the JX because I hear that the thinner spool is better for casting distance. Is that true? My other question is wether to get the 6.0:1 or the 4.6:1 ratio?
  2. jstcrzyengh

    Great reel, 6.0 for throwing Iron. Dependent on the lb line your fishing you could even go with an MX
  3. FishStalker

    I'm not sure I believe the faux physics about thinner spools casting farther. However, a narrow spool is much nicer for throwing jigs because it is easier to thumb the line onto a narrow spool when you are winding the jig in.

    If you are using it to throw iron, I'd get the 6:1.
  4. nmbrinkman

    probably be using specta with flourocarbon leader.
  5. FishStalker

    You don't need fluoro when fishing iron. It's a reaction bite, they don't care about the line. You'll want to put enough topshot on the reel so that the knot doesn't go through the guides when you cast or even get exposed to your thum. Otherwise, you better bring a big roll of flex rap cause you'll have a big hole in your thumb from the knot--I know from personal experience.

    Just put on 75-100 yards of mono and you'll be good. Using fluoro is a waste of mono for a jig slinger.
  6. nmbrinkman

    even in the kelp? I hear from some that spectra will help cut throught the kelp when yellow try to break you off?
  7. FishStalker

    What are you using it for? Inshore kelp fishing or throwing the long rod to surface yellows, etc? Many guys that fish calicos IN the kelp will use a VERY short topshot when throwing rubber for the reason that you state but you are talking about a JX which is used for 30-50# and more likely for throwing the long rod in open water or up against the kelp. If you get a yellow in the kelp, you are probably gonna get him on a yoyo jig before you are gonna get him on a long rod.

    If you want another opinion, ask ZZZZZ, he's one of the long rod zen masters but most guys don't fish short topshots when throwing surface iron AFAIK and I certainly don't.
  8. Surfdoc

    I just bought the JX 6:1 for just this reason.. put it on a Calstar 850H

    80# JB with a 150' topshot of 30. But may increase it to 40#. Figure I can't cast that far.. so should be safe LOL

    Now I can use my JX 6/3 for backup trolling or heavy bait rig....

    It's nice to have options!!

    newell 533 4.6
  10. nmbrinkman

    need the lefty. Although I am right handed, I grew up reeling with the left on spinning rods in Oregon. Plus, it just makes sense to me to cast with my right (like most righties do anyway) and reel with my left. I don't have to switch from right to left that way. And when people set the hook they set it with their right then switch to their left to hold the rod and reel with their right. just doesn't make sense to me. Just my opinion though.
  11. nmbrinkman

    I'll be using it for hitting the yellows on the boil, but I'll be doing it from a kayak most likely in La Jolla, where kelp is pretty much everywhere. Well if not flouro then what about spectra with 40lb mono topshot on an MX then?
  12. Mamoo

    If you are set on a Avet then get the JX. I have an MX and like it but for a 9ft stick and 40# I would fish the JX. It will be much more comfortable to fish and will cast jigs great. On my 9ft Ive got a Newell 533 5.5. Its comfortable on my 90J but I havent gotten to fish it yet.
  13. FishStalker

    Throwing iron and kayaks don't go together. Do you seriously think that you are going to launch a 9'+ rod from your yak? :rofl:

    Remember, you are on a kayak, not stuck on a boat that doesn't move. If you see fish boiling, you can paddle over to them, you don't need to try and cast 70 yards. You can get right on top of them and surface feeding yellows are rarely IN the kelp, they are usually in open water.

    You could do spectra and 40# on either the jx or the mx. The jx won't allow you as much topshot (or as much spectra).
  14. Mamoo

    I had my MXL on my 9ft for a few weeks before I purchased my Newell and IMO its very uncomfortable on my 90J. Plain and simple it just doesnt feel right. I would not recommend it.
  15. nmbrinkman

    I launch with an 8' live bait rod every weekend. Right now it doubles as my casting stick but it doesn't have enough backbone for slingin irons. Not sure why you think casting irons is so difficult. I find it quite easy, just looking for a 3rd rod that'll do it more efficiently.
  16. Cast Gold

    Can your budget accomodate the JX 6/3?
  17. FishStalker

    I never said that I thought casting iron was hard. I just don't think that you need a 9' stick to throw iron from a kayak--and yes, I do have a kayak and I fish from it.

    Whatever. Enjoy the JX. It's a killer reel whatever you do with it.
  18. nmbrinkman

    Whoa, whoa.... I wasn't trying to be hostile. You said "throwing iron and kayaks don't go together". Made me believe that in your opinion it was not a good idea for stability or leverage reasons. cheers brother. :cheers:
    Cast gold: budget isn't too much of an issue. Not sure if a two speed is necessary on a yak. Thanks though.
  19. Marcus

    Ok, I know you hear a lot of guys talk about wanting to throw iron with a narrow reel but a wider reel is better. It is all physics. On a narrow reel the line will need to come off the spool at a faster rate as the lure gets farther away due to the narrower diameter that occurs as the line is going off. This causes the spool to need to speed up which causes more drag will limit your casting distance. On a wider spool you have more line coming off the same diameter so there is less drag because the spool doesn't need to speed up as much as a narrow spool will. It is a little more difficult to wind on but you will increase your distance.
  20. nmbrinkman

    thats good info thx.