Think twice before getting your gear worked on down here!

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by tecateando, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. tecateando

    Just got 4 of my reels back from a small shop down here. One had a sticky liveliner drag and i figured the others could use a nice pro cleanup job.

    Now 2 of the reels are broken, and the guy admits that he really has no idea and I should have brought them to Boogies. Now I am probably going to have to bring them back to the states, and I bet the warranty is now voided. Pretty damn expensive tuneup!

    Keep in mind before you let anyone touch your shit down here that if anything goes wrong you are SOL and going to have to deal without it. Just my .02.

    SOL thats for sure...
  3. sdfishkiller

    What kind of reels are they?

    You seen the reel repair tutorials w/ pics?

    You know how to use a screwdriver and a wrench? LOL

    They are easy to service yourself.

    Just go get some Coronas and Tequila, a few limes, done deal!
  4. tecateando

    yeah, there is one spring in the back of a penn live liner that will put tears in your eyes.
  5. sdfishkiller

    Are we talking about a spinning reel?

    I'm sorry, I can't help you.

  6. BajaBass

    Hey Forrest, I have a house in La Mision. I am down every week or two. I live very close to "The Longfin". A excellent tackle shop that repairs and services gear, rod repairs, ect. I can do a delivery there for you and have them back fairly quick. PM me, I'll be in La Mision Saturday, and my wife is in Ensenada to visit family evey weekend we are down.
  7. BuonaForTuna

    If not send them to Alan Tani here on the board guys a fucking Reel wiz.
  8. tecateando

    thanks for the advice all. i'm trying to get them back for the kids tourney this weekend, so i brought them down to Boogies.
  9. tecateando

    Ok, I stand corrected. This guy had nothing to do with my clicker breaking on my troller. I just talked with another shop who opened it up and it was the first time it had ever been opened. So that asshole never even did the work, just sprayed em down with wd40.
  10. Bajabil3

    I've always had good luck with Boogies, wrapping rods, fixing reels and winding line.
    Let me know if you need to borrow some equiptment.
    Good Luck
  11. El Loco 2

    Classic, "sprayed down with wd40", Charged gringo $30.00 and went back to his tackle shop and taco stand. Freaking love Mexico!!!!!

    You ever pick up a day labor guy? Ask him if he knows drywall.... "Si," ask him if he knows electrical.... "Si, senor!!!" Ask him if he knows how to finish cement... "no problem!!!" No matter what you ask.... they do or have done it.

    I learned years ago, that these guys will not walk away from a buck. I hired a stucco guy "labor" to stucco my built in BBQ. After the guy put on the "brown coat" my neighbor, who ownes a stucco company, came over and helped me take it all off. As soon as he saw it, he freaking grabs a hammer cursing and starts blasting holes in my BBQ!!! BBQ is BIG, about 25 feet long!!! Ended up with about 400 pds of broken stucco on my BBQ floor. My nieghbor, who had offered to do the work for free (I didn't want to bother him) ended up doing the work.
  12. Bajabil3

    I.M.O. the best way to get quality workers in Baja is to go slow. Have them do small jobs first and evaluate their preformance. Remember baja is a bit laid back[.
    I've had lots of bad experiences at my place, which is a bit big, and worked thru lots of duds, when you hire them watch their work, and dump them immediately if they don't preform to your satisfaction. Pay attention to what work and the quality all of the time if you don't it's your fault and don't cry about it. Pay attention, or you will lose.
  13. tecateando

    Yeah, another guy had recommended this guy, so I tried him out. From now on im going to ask anyone who works on my penns what color the spinfishers used to be.

    BTW, any haters be damned. I had to troll with one of my slammers yesterday and it took down a 25-30# albie in style.
  14. Bajabil3

    Green. I've got some that I don't use let me know if you want them and I'll look them up.
  15. tecateando

    i don't use those ones, but my dad collects them. slammers on the other hand are solid, easy to maintain reels with slick drags.
  16. Grand Slam

    Welcom to Mexico: If I made $40.00 a week, I wouldn't walk away from a buck either. They have got to somehow feed their 8 kids....... that's life.
  17. pargon

    I'm amazed at how frequently customers down here have problems with their reels and then say, " I had it serviced right before I came down." Problems have included
    - Concave washers mounted improperly
    - Dirty drag washers
    - Screws not tightened, or over tightened
    - Spectra loaded to loosely
    - Knot between spectra and mono improperly executed
    - No apparent service done at all (I open it and it's full of old goo)
    - etc.

    For me the two most important things are to
    #1 Learn a little about your reel maintenance yourself. Many of the small problems (not requiring parts) you can do yourself, and even if you can't you will be more conversant in the diagnosis and repair conversations.
    #2 Find a a good local shop that you can trust, either by hit or miss sampling or better through referral from friends. Don't shy away from factory maintenance, I have found that the Shimano factory service program, for example, has been excellent and is convenient to the SoCalers.