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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by seriola_killer, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. seriola_killer

    This was inspired by a post about the Wicked Tuna show, and my subsequent response to said post about East Coast inferiority. Sorry, I'm a west coast homer so if I offend any right coasters, my apologies. But earlier today I was watching a show with those two ambiguously gay hosts who are "Captains" out of Florida who sit in that little bar and discuss fishing over coffee.

    Well, I've had my fill of these so-called experts on television and their endless supply of khaki shorts, flip flops, LL Bean shirts and visors, and also all their fishing with coffee grinders. Grab a fuckin' jigstick for Chrissakes, will ya?

    I'd love to see some of our hardcore west coast badasses go over to their turf and absolutely spank them heads up on television. Kinda like a world series of fishing. We go kill them over there, then they come over here.... and, well, we kill them again.

    Bruce Smith vs. (insert so-called expert name)

    J.J. Gerritsen vs. (insert next Captain to get embarrassed)

    Mike Lackey vs. (next captain to get cornholed on TV)

    You get the drift. More than anything this post is inspired because I am tired of seeing these douchers dominate TV fishing shows with their substandard brand of fishing while our guys get none of the props they deserve (other than from on Bloodydecks, of course). Ok, now I'll get off my soapbox.

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.

    I would watch all those shows. I think you have a great idea it is time the west coast fisherman get there chance.
  3. bsumoba

    Reality east vs. west coast fishing reality show? Im all there.
  4. wxdunn

    It all comes down to money. Someone once told me that 2/3 of all network TV viewers live East of the Mississippi River. On the West Coast we're the leftovers. As for the fishing shows...think of how many millions of anglers live 100 miles from the coast from Maine to Texas. Unfortunately it's a lot more than CA-OR-WA. The big advertisers love that pool of potential viewers..unlike the "niche" market they see in SoCal. At least guys like Bill Roecker (I hear he has a great announcer), Michael Fowlkes and Dan Hernandez are giving it a shot. They all put out some pretty good stuff and it's geared towards those who fish on the left coast!
    Now maybe if we can get the Discovery channel involved in some sort of confrontational program, we might have a shot.
  5. tresher_one

    I would so watch that East vs west, Spinners vs Jig-stiks, Popers vs Jigs.. you get my drifft.
  6. tpeach

    I have done both coast and landed some gaint bluefins over 700 both in the chair and stand up harnesses back before the strict regs were put into place. All mono and single speed 80s. With the hype given to west coast fishing I thought the learning curve would be great. 1st long range trip and first tuna bite I put my first west coast yellowfin tag onto a 261 lb sardine fish. So much for the learning curve. Second year 15 dayer I add a 305 super cow sardine fish to my bucket. Not to bad for a east coaster.......not all west coast tricks work on the east side and vice versa. Prime example is the lack of live bait dealers ...guys mostly chunk fishing but I have only caught them either trolling or slow trolling 3 to 5 pound bluefish live. If I could only have the supply of sardines that are available on the west coast oh my.....what I could do....wahoo fishing isn't the same here they are loaners not in packs.

    Not offended by any means enjoy the challenge, got to be careful what you ask for though.

    Now my thoughts on the show is these guys are commercial fishing not the way a sportfisherman would fight them. Their prime goal like all fisherman is to land their fish. It is their lively hood. I may be mistaken but I think they are fishing mono instead of spectra. I haven't seen a reel yet with spectra on the show. I believe the object of the show is to put a spotlight on the atlantic bluefin declines depicting the way that the US commercial fishing is allowed to fish for them. Not the way other countries do it. Just think what a tuna seiner could do to those giants....they used to....
  7. seriola_killer

    Appreciate your response tpeach! No disrespect to east coast fishermen, just talking about the Douchers who host the shows. Tired of a 36' yellowfin with triple 300's fishing for 4 lb. Yellowtail snapper with chunked pilchards on coffee grinders spooled up with green ande tournament. Pisses me off to the ultimate!
  8. johndtuttle

    You're just jealous you wish you were half as gay!


    c'mon admit you're gay for that 36' yellowfin :)

    My take: It would make great TV for fisherman but you might be surprised who learns something LOL.

    1. It is a hell of a lot easier to land a quality fish on modern popping gear than a 9' jig stick.

    2. It's really expensive to fly any where with a 9' jig stick. Consequently, you ever wonder why all the 9' jig sticks are only sold within reasonable driving distance from Southern California?

    That's why they don't fish jig sticks any where else in the world. It's too much of a pain in the ass to take or ship them anywhere so people don't bother with the ultimate niche rod. Only in the insular world of near enough to San Diego do people use them. Every where else people come up with a more practical solution. Once I started traveling I got rid of my jig sticks. I don't miss them.

    (sorry for the rant)

    3. Live bait availability is a crutch. If West Coast guys were handed a throw net that would make for some seriously embarrassing TV. Those Florida dudes have it all figured out on where to make bait or when to have frozen blocks. The west coast guys would show up with sabiki rigs and have no idea where to start.

    4. The purpose of those shows is to get people stoked to go fishing with a "you can do it too" message. Fishing spinning gear is part of that. If you want to immediately turn people off then make a TV show all about how "conventional takes years of practice to be as cool as me." 90% of your audience just changed the channel.

    So lastly, don't make the mistake of underestimating those east coast dooshes. Making a TV show for the masses has little to do with what people actually know. Those shows are WAY dumbed down to play well in Peoria. Remember, these are the guys that taught West Coast how to kite fish and fish for giants.

    ps not taking anything away from our west coast greats, but really it's apples and oranges.
  9. Bill W

    I was hoping Thad would chime in. I was there on his first trip and the ones after. Excellent hardcore fisherman.
    We have colder water with upwelling, better for bait and nutrients along the coast. So we have the bait schools. The East Coast has the Gulf Stream, and downwelling on the coast. Warmer water near the shore...

    Our game is played different here.
  10. conchydong

    "Substandard brand of fishing"? I think you are full of shit and you show your ignorance. There are excellent Captains and Anglers all over America and the rest of the world. If Mexico did not allow you to bring in tons of live bait and fish in their nutrient rich waters, how well would you be doing?
    As others have said, its Apples and Oranges. Different fisheries require different techniques, tackle and mindset.
    You my friend are narrow minded and need to get out and fish other areas of the world and see for yourself.

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