They're back, L.A Harbor report 12-01-05

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by UnReel, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. UnReel

    Took the day off today as I might be starting a second job soon (more on that after I got 100% confirmation tomorrow)and that will have me working 7 days a week. Last night I couldn't decide if I wanted to fish today even though I had the day off. Decided not to set the alarm and figuered if I got up around 4am without the alarm I'd go. Well I got up at 4am on the dot this morning and decided what the hell might as well go while I have the chance. Pluss I knew the tide was going to be good at my spot all morning :). Launched around 5am and headed to Nacho's. No wind, flat sea's and a touch or fog. Got to Nachos and couldn't make a mack if my life depended on it. Finaly after the sun peaked up over the horizon the smelt went wide. Made about a dozen 8 to 12"ers and a couple greenies and spanish and made my run to the spot. Fished it pretty much all day (7am to 12:30pm) and got 5 stikes on the big baits and got 3 in, a 17" short and a #21 and a #26 and the the other two where big fish as well but the hooks didn't hold as they poped off after a few seconds of headshakes :(. Anyway looks like the butts are back in the harbor and the water also looked alot cleaner than last week. Well except around the entrance to Alamitos bay where it was dirty brown kaka. Here are the pics of the 21 and 26.

    #21 and #26 in the hold
    and outta the hold :)

    Gotta run and clean the boat and gear. Tight lines.
  2. bertram31

    Good luck with the new job Beta, hum wonder what youll be doing LOL

    Anyway back to the real reply, damn dude WTG.

  3. Buttchaser

    Nice looking Fish, WTG
  4. Surfdoc

    So.... what kind of fish are those???

    I've caught a Butt load that look like that only ALOT smaller...LOL

    Congrats on the productive morning and good luck with the second job...
  5. Hellbear

    Nice butts. Looks like I am gonna have to talk Jason (Punkfish) into hitting the harbor soon.
  6. SAGE

    Nice job....glad you made it out of bed !!
  7. Ali Admin

    Nice work Sandman!
  8. GettinUglysSon

    AWESOME!!!! makes me want to go now.

    congrats on two more NICE fish.
  9. Limits

    Fuckin' A're totally dialed in on the flatties.

    Nice going.
  10. Eye Problem

    Nice job dude! I take it you got all the boat chit repaired now?
  11. byeye

  12. Fish Taco

    awsome you da man.....
  13. jscrib

    Beta :appl: .

  14. Saluki

    Get those with your new downrigger :nutkick:

    Good job on the flatties Beta!!!!
  15. Mot's Sr.

    Way to go Beta, beutiful Butts man.
  16. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

  17. DaGoose



    Nice bookends.

    Maybe I'll get another one like that someday :rolleyes:

    Thanks for sharing


    PS: Way to breathe some life back into the non-yak forum.
  18. smelllikepuddy

    shit, those are some fat flatties, what a difference from in the hold and out the hold, congrats!
  19. brianw

    Nice flatties! :food-smil Wtg:High_Five
  20. BlueHunter

    Excellent Beta.
    Those spreader bars are really working.
    Thanks for the invite. Had to work at least 3 days this week.:)
    Hope it all works out tomarrow. It'll be good to have you in the neighborhood.

    P.S. Did those fish glow in the dark?