They did it again... last marlin record shattered a month later- same crew

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  1. Tailchaser1


    190 Striped marlin I One Day
    Most Marlin Ever caught in a single day

    330 Marlin In 2 Days
    Most Marlin caught by a single boat in a tournament!
  2. Marcelo5150

    The R.P. had a 10 day in October where they caught something like 230 marlin in 1 day.
  3. The Notorious S.U.A

    dosent count, they dont belong to a yacht club.
  4. spike

    Marlin make great chunks LOL,
  5. finnseeker

    Cabo San Lucas Mexico, 9th Dec 2007 - Mini WCBRT Results and New World Records Set

    Cabo considered the Striped Marlin Capital of the World by knowledgable blue water anglers, was certainly not disapointing as world records were shattered in numerous catagories! This tournament was designed by fisherman to be a tournament "For fishermen by fishermen". The Mini WCBRT Dec 7th & 8th was introduced after the prestigious WCBRT three day all circle hook May event, being a 100% catch-and-release tournament.

    The Mini WCBRT was designed to take advantage of Cabo's most productive time for stripped marlin. And it was a huge success! The team average for the two day tournament was a mind blowing 231.4 fish per boat. With the high individual angler catching 59 marlin
    in one day. More than most serious marlin fisherman will catch in a life time. All the marlin were released!

    The WCBRT tournament produced more released striped marlin ever in the history of a money tournament worldwide all on circle hooks.

    The World Championship Billfish Tournament is an IGFA qualifying event. The WCBRT has again proven and leads the way for other billfish tournaments by putting on a circle hook only, 100%, "No Muerto" ( No Kill) release money tournament in Mexico.
    The 2007 December 7th & 8th Mini WCBRT produced an amazing record setting 1157 billfish released for 2 days for an average of 115.7 marlin released per boat per day ! Team Reelaxe recently set a World record of 179 marlin released in a single day November 3rd, 2007 shattering this record in the tournament by releasing 190 striped marlin on day two of the tournament setting a NEW WORLD RECORD. Another tournament world record was set for the most released marlin in a single day in any tournament by a single team and the most released striped marlin combined for the tournament 1157 for 5 teams.

    The New World record 190 striped marlin was captured on the Reelaxe's 8 boat camera's,underwater camera's and by video of the tournament camera crew filming onboard Reelaxe on day two. Team Reelaxe was - Chris Badsey, Dave Brackmann, Steve Brackmann, Alex Rogers, Jose Espanoza , Mark Clayton, Saul Contrearus, Dennis Poulton. Top angler was Reelaxe angler Jose Esponoza with a personal best and tournament record of 59 released stripped
    marlin in a single day.

    Team Reelaxe released a total of 330 striped marlin in the two day tournament setting another tournament record for a single team in two days.

    With IGFA qualified observers and WCBRT observers aboard tournament boats, the catches were photographed and documented and filmed with video camera's including the tournament hired independent video camera crew documenting all released fish at the boat in accordance with the IGFA and WCBRT rules. Observers were randomly assigned to boats on day one and then the top 3 teams on day 2 carried an observer on board their boats.

    Day one official results :

    Reelaxe 140 releases
    Get Over it 139 releases
    Tenacious 91 releases
    Bull Rider 79 releases
    Cabo Villa 49 releases

    Day Two official results:
    Reelaxe 190 releases
    Get Over It 189 releases
    Tenacious 103 releases
    Cabo Villa 89 releases
    Bull Rider 88 releases

    Final Results:
    1st Place Team Reelaxe 330 releases
    2nd Place Team Get Over It 328 releases
    3rd Place Team Tenacious 194 releases

    The 2008 May 17th - 21st WCBRT will once again follow on the heels of the IGFA tournament. Stay up to date on the 2008 WCBRT through

    Pictures S C M O - Viewing Topic #36208 - Reelaxe Wins and breaks new World Record=
  6. capt josh

    Congrats Chris i saw the photos of the tore up thumbs...INSANE dude!!! that will be hard to top!!!
  7. Wound Up

    ..….Imagine catching 328 striped marlin in 2 days of fishing, having to settle for second..…and NOT even wining a daily...(the boats name says it all.. 'Get Over It')

    Amazing fishing! Congrats to All involved!
  8. lokegirl48

    Wow, rumor has it up here that they're practically jumping in the boat!!!
  9. finnseeker

    Josh, its insane and every charter is booking up to go marlin fishing, Minerva and others cannot keep up.
    They telling me its the best they have ever seen in 30 years and i have never seen the volumes of bait, marlin, macs, sardina's and now squid moving in so the swordies are not to far behind.
    Its insane and its been on every single day for nearly 2 months solid now.
    You know if you ever in the neighbourhood and want to go play you welcome anytime, I know you have a ton of friends and offers in Cabo. Open invite. See you in PV again next year.
  10. finnseeker

    Some pics and look at the marlin bill thru my tuna tubes and transom in the next set of pics

    190 released.JPG 190 released 2.JPG Awards1.JPG Awards2.JPG awards3.JPG IMG_3942.jpg IMG_3919.jpg Get Over It 2nd Place.JPG Tenacious 3rd Place.JPG Snap_Dec_07_12_18openthedoor-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_18lettingthewaterout.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_18cockpitfullofwater.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_18-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_182-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_17underwater8-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_17underwater7-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_17underwater4-000.jpg Snap_Dec_07_12_17underwater3-000.jpg
  11. finnseeker

    Tuna tubes

    MarlinBilltunatube7.jpg MarlinBilltunatube6.jpg MarlinBilltunatube5.jpg MarlinBilltunatube4.jpg MarlinBilltunatube3.jpg MarlinBilltunatube2.jpg CaboVilla3.jpg Breakingfish1.jpg CaboVilla4.jpg CaboVilla6.jpg
  12. Kingfish

    Ausome pics.

    Thanks for sharing.
  13. Luhr'd Away

    Anymore picturs?
  14. Bluewater Jon S

    Yeah guys I was there at the Finger Banks on 11/29 and 11/30. I was dropped off there with my kayak. As you can imagine it's a lot harder to hook a marlin from a yak than a boat because even if the bite is very happening, the fish are often following the bait, which is moving all helter skelter around- just out of paddling's reach. In a boat you simply putt a couple of hundred of yards over to the new location once you release the latest fish, in a yak, you have to head them off. It can be maddening but it was worth it, and a lot of fun. Between the 3 of us, we managed to hook, land, and release 5 striped marlin over 140 pounds from kayaks.
    Here is a video of me landing and releasing one from the yak
    YouTube - Kayak Fishing for Marlin with Bluewater Jon Schwartz
    and if you want to read the whole wild story, check out this site...the story is called "Kayak Fishing Frenzy: Five Marlins in One Day!"
    Kayak Fishing for Marlin in Cabo
    Bluewater Jon Schwartz
  15. renegademike

    I was out there on the 16th(Sunday) and 19th (wed) and the marlin were still there and biting with abandon. We only got 13 released on the 16th because the customer had to fly home that day and we were at the finger for 2 1/2 hours.
    On the 19th we took Len Laymen and his son in law. Len is a BD poster and a great guy to hang out with. We make bait at the golden gate and on the way to the finger we see several jumpers and single fish tailing and I drive right by them. Len points out the fish and looks at me with that what the fuck are you doing look and I smile and say " these are only single fish, we want more" Well when we get to the finger he quickly realizes why we didn't stop on those single fish.
    The fish are starting to get a little boat shy but we still managed 20 released before Len said that's enough, lets go home.
    We tried to get out there on Sat the 22nd but the sea 5 miles above the gate were down right nasty with 16 to 20knt winds and 5 ft tight swells so we turned around back towards the gate and still managed 14 fish released.
    I'm not big on marlin fishing, I'm a cow tuna guy but this kind of run and gun marlin fishing is making a believer out of me. We haven't used the outriggers all week. No trolling at all. It almost sounds to good to be true untill you get out there and see for your self.
  16. Bluewater Jon S