There backkkkk...Deadliest catch

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by DreamCatcher, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. DreamCatcher

  2. Double Z

    Sounds like it might have been a scam for free press.
  3. tankSD13

    People talk...but money yells!!!!
  4. Johnny J

    So I guess since Dish is dropping the channel I will have to go back to Direct.
  5. mooningu

    Dish isn't dropping Discovery. Their contract dispute is with Fox and all their channels.

    The 3 channels that went black on Dish weren't Dish's decision. Fox blocked them because Dish wouldn't bend to Fox's outrageous demand of a 50% rate increase and to have all their channels included in Dish's #1 selling low price base package. This is a package that no provider even offers and it is the #1 selling package because, believe it or not, the majority of viewers can care less about Fox Sports channels.

    All providers (Dish, DirecTv, cable) need to take a stand. The programmers are losing money from advertising revenue and are now looking to regain those profits from the end users. You and me.

    If the providers bend to these demands from one of the majors, all the other programmers will follow suit. This will then cause our monthly bills to skyrocket to well over $125-$150 a month for basic service.

    We need to take a stand and let the Fox's & Disney's of the world know enough is enough. We need to let the companies know that advertise on these channels that we are not going to support their products if they advertise on these channels that are demanding higher costs on the backs of the consumer.

    Sorry. Rant off.
  6. Double Z

    Put me on the "could care less" side. I didn't even notice a change....
  7. Jason Admin

    Nice marketing stunt. Another network would have snatched them up quick.
  8. FishStalker