The War lobster fishing on discovery channel

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by ooo, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. ooo

    After watching this show I couldnt help but wonder if there is the same heirarchy amonst lobster fishermen here on the westcoast. Seems there must be less lobstermen here than Maine, therefore less animosity. Anybody know?

    Its funny, I watched it for a minute but couldnt stand how much the guys were playin it up...C'mon arent fishing king crab on the "Time bandit" in 40foot seas!

    ....your not 17 nauticle miles NNW of the maverick chunking ice off the bow,

    ...your not 20 nauticle miles from dutch harbor with tanks full of "red gold"!

    ....your not working deck for a green first season capt'n named blair who cant keep count of crab.

    You are being exploited by the television industry who will just use you till it doesnt boost ratings and then they will find a new "extreme lifestyle-hardcore-something" to make $$$ from.

    Okay, im done.
  3. The Notorious S.U.A


    Next on Discovery : Half Day boat warriors
    panic ensues when the galley runs out of breakfast burritos
  4. hotrodtuna

    Yup somes it up!

    Discovery is.....:deadhorse
  5. mercerm


    And next Paddy Hunters. Watch as weekend warriors battle it out over a small piece of seaweed in a big ocean.


    "battle of the bait barges"

    tensions run high as the little guy gets mad when a sporty cuts him in line and he dont understand why people dont bow to him in his new bayliner that he towed from laguna with his mercedes SUV.
  7. Afry

    How about "Hoop net hell"

    I swear, if that Bottom Line dude gets in my way ONE more time I'm goin try that flour bag trick....Then I'm goin weld his bait cages shut!
  8. The Notorious S.U.A

    why's it gotta be laguna?

    You know damn well why it is laguna.
  10. Bottom Line

    Hey now, you salmon headed fucker!

    (BTW - got the new nets in production - should be finished in a couple weeks)
  11. jscrib

    We have lobsters out here?

  12. Bottom Line

    Yep...just no lobstahs...
  13. The Notorious S.U.A

    :shakin off the haters:
  14. PHOTOG

    C'mon jorge... you may not be a rich plastic surgeon who spends free time doing karate poses in the middle of the residential highways at daybreak but the rest of them do...I have seen this on TV!

  15. The Notorious S.U.A

    i take no responsability for my neighbors.

    but dont hate on yoga son, shit's good for you.
  16. PHOTOG

    Too much downward dog lately ? i never mentioned yoga son,...LOL
  17. The Notorious S.U.A

    Childs pose homey, childs pose.
  18. JiGGZ

    OH SHIT that is funny right there!

    The lobster show is WAY overblown.
  19. speedgoat

    Can you do Crouching Homo? That one is pretty tough. :D
  20. The Notorious S.U.A

    sounds like you know firsthand LOL