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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by JIGGS, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. JIGGS

    maybe i can get some help from some of you guy's. i recently bought a motorhome and my family and i are thinking of going to the river. i was hoping i could get some advice on where to go. it would be nice if i could fish and we could hang out close to the water.
  2. http404

    Check out Sandpoint Marina on Lake Havasu.

    Spent many fun summers there as a kid. Fished like a dog.
  3. Sherrita

    You bought that instead of a bigger boat ???
  4. Paul F

    How isolated do you want to get?

    South of Palos Verdes to the border there are a bunch of campgrounds both private and stated owned. Many have river backwaters and lakes nearby. LMB, Flatheads, stripers, channels are some of the choices to fish for depending on the area. There are several good guide maps of the area that show the different camp grounds. Most of the locals will tell you whats hot in the area beside the tempature. Nothing like sitting on a kayak when its 110 and the water temp is 80.

    Picacho State Rec Area is one of my favriotes. Off the beaten path, several lakes in the area and easy access to the river. There are even a few sites in remote areas that can be driven to with a pickup or small RV. Its on the site of an old gold mining town.
  5. Group Fun

    If your with the family, Hidden shores is a very nice camp ground, full hook ups, on an off weekend you can get a spot 20 steps from the water, plus they a have a bar, restraunt, fuel dock and regular fuel station. We reserve spots there every year during the summer holidays. Your motorhome cannot be more than 10 years old or they will need to approve it. The place has alot of rules, but its way safe for the kids and its only 25 minutes from yuma, and its only a 15 minute jump up river to martinez to party on the wilder side. PM me if your interested and want the number.

  6. JIGGS

    thanks for the help guy's. some other people here at work said something about senator's wash. you guy's know anything about that?
  7. WhoFish

    Senator's Wash is on the Ca side and is actually land-locked. The area on the river is Squaw Lake -- nice place to go but no RV hookups. Basically a parking lot to camp in (kinda like Silver Strand). No wake area until you get to the main river then you turn South for a mile or so and you're at the Imperial Dam which is basically where Hidden Shores is located.

    Turn North for 5 - 6 miles and you get up to Fisher's Landing, Martinez Lake, Ferguson Lake, etc. There's camping up that way too.

    Here's a link to a Boating Guide for the Colorado from the Department of Boating and Waterways that has some camping info too:

    River Map

    Up on Havasu Sandpoint was mentioned (private campground); right next to it is Cattail Cove an Arizona state park and across the lake is Black Meadow Landing which we now prefer over Sandpoint.

    Kinda depends on where you want to go and what you want to do...
  8. pattyho

    I don't know where to look but try to find out when the stripers are running. It's usualy around this time of year. They get stacked up under the dams and 20-30+ fish days are possable. Cast 1 7/8 oz.Bomber model A in a striper color as close a possable to the dam and bring it in with a slow steady retrive. It's pretty hard to time a trip to correspond with the spawn, but if you do, WFO!!!!

    Good luck, I look forward to a fishing report.