The Other White Meat

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by flygoddess, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. flygoddess

    I fish for Trout and all that implies. We have a couple of shallow lakes here in Utah that house BASS (white, Wipers, Small Mouth and LArge Mouth) plus Carp, and Cat
    Okay I have the LM and SM down and can catch them on a fly, infact I have caught Cat on a fly, but I have never been able to go for Carp.
    Well today we went to Utah Lake (very shallow lake, we were in 2' to 5' of water) Being new to this lake, plus species, I was thinking SKUNK.
    I hooked into one of the toilet plunger lipped monsters and I am hooked! Reel screaming and a bend in the rod that was a rush!
    Ended up with three total plus a white bass.
    Had to rename my new McFarland Glass rod that the ol' man built me for Christmas the ALCARPONE!

    Nice Crap!
  3. 1:11

    Hells yeah! Carpin is always fun. Lots of people snob out and turn there nose up at carp but... if you are C&R fishing, and not looking for a meal, carp can be alot of fun.

    Big fish, they fight hard. Not to mention the slurping sound when they inhale your bait (ooops, sorry FLY not bait). NICE looking carp. Way ta go.
  4. medunn16

    They love chocolate!!!

    was looking at the first photo thinking you had a small net...and then saw the real, nice fat boy!
  6. macfly55

    WOW.. my weekend was a skunk but looks like yours was great.. great looking fish.. I am envious as usual.....

  7. IFSteve

    Awesome, Joni. I have not done the carp thing but some friends here have at a local lake and landed them up to 25 pounds. Guess I will have to go after the other white meat one of these days.:cool:
  8. tlcgpw

    hey Joni,
    nice fish,
    from what i know carp are called the fresh
    water bone fish.
    have seen some shows on them,
    they look like fun to fish.
    see ya Greg:cool:
  9. flygoddess

    Sorry about the net Greg, but this lake has had it's problems in the past with Co. dumping their waste in it. So, in otherwords I was not going to put that beautiful net in that water. After catching the first Carp, looking at the fish at the end of my line and at the net I took, I was regreting it. I seriously didn't know if the fish would fit and I am talking width.
  10. TheShark

    Cool Carp!
  11. Charley Tuna

    Good job Joni.
  12. fishpainter

    good job,i want to get into flyfishing.need to try it.