The Official Green Bay Packers VS the Arizona Cardinals Thread

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Tues, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Tues

    Go Pack!

    Any other Sunday I would:

    A) Be at the FUCKING GAME!
    B) Cheering for my new found home team, the CARDS!

    But like I said in an email yesterday to about 100 customers and co-workers in the Phoenix area – FUCK THE CARDS! GO PACK GO!

    The key to our success is going to be turnovers, like it has been all season. I look forward to see Fitzgerald and Woodson go at it. Two of the best to play their respected positions this year.

    Packers – 37
    Cards – 17

    ps. be creative when trying to bash my team...fudgepackers is pretty played out.

    http://<EMBED height=364 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=445 src= allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></EMBED>
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  2. ConSeaMate

    Go ....................
  3. Saluki

  4. Tues

  5. Saluki

  6. Tues

    This is my favorite one...

    [SIZE=+1]Packers Fullback Sued Over Miami Dorm Defecation[/SIZE]
    <SMALL> ^ </SMALL>

    <SMALL>Posted on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 6:58:55 AM by esryle</SMALL>

    MIAMI -- A woman is suing Green Bay Packers fullback Najeh Davenport. She says he invaded her privacy by breaking into her dorm room and defecating in her closet.
    Mary McCarthy sued yesterday in a state court in Miami.
    Criminal charges were settled in October 2002 when Davenport agreed to perform community service. He denied breaking into the Barry University dormitory.
    Police say they were told that Davenport entered a dorm room at the small Catholic university in suburban Miami in the early morning hours of April 1. Mary McCarthy says she was asleep in the room. She told police she was startled awake by a strange sound and saw a man squatting in her closet. Police said the man, later identified as Davenport, had defecated in her laundry basket.
  7. ConSeaMate

    WTF!!!.....shit in the closet?.....
  8. Saluki

    "Reggie White was 39 when he finished his NFL career with Carolina -- his third retirement. He retired for one day before the 1998 season, but then said God had told him he needed to play again, and he returned to the Packers.

    You have to cheer for any team that has a direct line with God....... how can they lose with the Big Guy upstairs calling the shots? :D
  9. Saluki

    Bet you didn't know Johnny B had kin in the NFL did you? LOL
  10. ConSeaMate

  11. Surfdoc

    GO SMEGMA !!!
  12. MR Limpet

    what team does harmonica john play for ???
  13. Dizzole


    GO PACKERS !!!!!!!!

    tues, that sucks you gotta miss the game man.
  14. Tues

    It sucks...but I'm getting even with my boss...I'm going in to get a mowhawk with green dye in a bit...he'll have to stare at it all tomorrow!!!
  15. Saluki

    YouTube - 38 - I Double-Dog Dare You!
  16. Dizzole

    YouTube - Yes, thats awesome!
  17. Tues

    I'll post pics in a couple hours...

    I'm the keynote speaker Monday night too! LOL

    I work for a GREAT company...

    Go Pack!
  18. Tues


    So I'm at my buds house and said, "I want a mowhawk."

    Cool, right?

    Well he put the number 1 clip in........and guess what? The fucker started up the middle...Fucking dumbass cut the hair I wanted to keep... for the mowhawk!!!!

    Now I have a shaved head! How do you fuck up a mowhawk?

    GO PACK!
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  19. Saluki

    Packer Fans + Booze + Shears = Big Fucking Mistake :rofl:
  20. Tues

    Fuck me...A Cards fan did it...LOL

    This sucks!