The Labanowski Heirloom Rod

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by DocSki, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. DocSki

    Well It is mostly done. I might add a couple techniques after I pop it cherry on Reds and Specks in Texas. The Handle is a Blabaum Special. I think he told me the spider web was made from my very own Budweiser Cans left over from the Conclave in 08.(it makes a good story anyway. Tiger in the split grip with Met Purple and Flo Chartreuse sent to me from the G man. Cross Wrap variation off the optical and the weave is the Badass Bass originally done as a grip from Billy V and the weave was done once by Ray A. I of course tweeked it with Owens P2W. Also a bit of an experiment. Someone asked me a couple months back about where he could get some E thread so he could weave with D and I said he might try two turns each movement with A. Surprise It works pretty darn good. Since A is lower profile it also tends to keep the weave quite tight and not so bulky. Opens the door for more experiments. Pictures arent my usual quality because I was rushing the job before heading down to Dads house again to work on fixing it up for a future move and to attend another Healing Waters get together. If you guys want I can re do them later. Oh enjoy the game. Dont guess many will see this today. Oh kept the guides simple to set off the other thread work.

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  2. Excaliber

    That a killer stick.. That bass is awesome.
  3. David Norton

    That is jest awesome Doc, I know you'll have a ball fishin that one!
  4. patfatdaddy

  5. strizile


    That is sooooooo wow
  6. JTrelikes

    She's another beauty Doc! Angry lookin' lil' bass weave you've made there!! :D
  7. Unclemeat

    Awesome work Doc!!
  8. Looney Tunes

    Awesome work, that crosswrap jumps right at you. Beautiful all around.
  9. Capt Richie

  10. bass_blaster

    Bad ass work Doc. Rod looks amazing at every point.
  11. Rodcrafter

    Boy, does that baby ever POP! Nice one Doc!
  12. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

  13. Smokenjoe

    Looks great!
  14. cd4th

    Very nice Doc. The optical looks sweet.
  15. rodwinder

    i love that bass weave Doc!
  16. Owen

    Every technique is a triumph
  17. FAT CAT

    Stunning! I absolutely love the chevron variation - like an optical illusion.
  18. YT Addict

    That is some awesome work Doc. It's no wonder why we all refer to you as the grandmaster.
  19. NachoOne

    Mad Looking Rod Doc!
  20. bassmandan

    YOU WIN!!

    Beautiful rod Doc; that weave is cool as all get out, the tiger is utterly amazing, and that opti-chev gave me a little bit of a siezure ;)