The Jew Can Cook!!!!!

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by SeaDawg, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. SeaDawg

    PapaJ came over and whipped up some Fettachini (sp) with clam sauce, with some very fresh scallops from Tommy's place, and some whole garlic cloves.

    The boy can cook :)
  2. SeaDawg


    IMG_0863.JPG IMG_0864.JPG IMG_0865.JPG IMG_0866.JPG
  3. Upper Deckz

    can he cook jew bagles?
  4. sdangler

    Looks like the Jew can eat too!!!
  5. Sofia Rose

    I've seen him drink too.
  6. Stanley

    And his Poker strategies are suspect, too!
  7. fishnRB

    Damn now im hungry
  8. jesse

    Looks Good fella's:D

    Makes me hungry..
  9. Az.monkey

    Dayumm Harry, what's with all the hot chicks at your pad ?????..... Oh wait, us ugly fuckers get the hotties :D
  10. Fishslayer

    Nice lookin' scallops...

    drooooooool... :D

  11. Papa "J"

    These scallops are like sugar. Definately sushi grade.

    Thanks for the hook up Tommy. Almost doesn't pay to go fishing anymore.

    I love cooking at Harry's, I cook & he cleans. There was never a dirty dish or pan in the sink.
  12. GUERO

    thanks for the call Jason, I was on the water all weekend, didn't get home til time fo sho
  13. squirtis

    That shit looks damn good...

    gotta go get lunch..
  14. rdrrm8e

    Hot Jew cooks get ALL the women!
  15. jscrib

    That does look pretty damn good.

    You know, eating good food like that has given you a Dicky - Do.