The "Good", the "Bad", and the"Ugly, by Happy Ending Lures

Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by el capo, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. el capo

    and a few others.

    A 6 pack for our buddy Capt. Eric Smith to take on his trip to the East Cape this next week.

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  2. spike

    I hope he can troll them from the Excursion
  3. el capo

    He has his dinghy that he bought from Nelberta.
  4. Bank Robber

    Nice stuff Mike, I still want to get a local marlin spread from you as soon as work picks up.
  5. Gaji Lures

    The "Good" the "Bad" and the "Ugly?" I take em all!



    "BOOM, BANG, BOOM"="HUGE DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HEEEEEEE HAAAAW!!!!
  6. Gaji Lures

    Second picture, bottom right corner. Mold #2