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Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Gonzofam, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Gonzofam

    Heard they slayed em and had some good numbers BFT and Albies. Dont know how to post the verbal message but sounds great! Can someone shed some more light on this. Maybe do some prop fouler tricks with skiffs will work to keep the pressure of the tunie from the seiners. Almost works on Whale Wars and yushi hooki miruu whale poachers.
  2. ilovealbas

    976 tuna has good reports and trips offered
  3. TUNAGUY664

    One stop. Fifty longfins 12-25 lbs. Turned to bluefin,60 fish 20-40 lbs. Did not say how far. 2nd day of a 5 day.Posted on Excel website.
  4. ilovealbas

    i think they are within 1.5 day range... they're not that far anymore
  5. Crusty Rod

    HUH whale wars, that capt is foolish.

    The Exel departed on the eve of 6/15/09, they got 55 albies this morn 6/17/09 early by 6am and some blue fin, so they are way over 150 miles south starting their 5 day trip, thats good news on the tuna, hope they come north soon. Someone call Betty, the secretary in the Exel office and get the numbers!!! lol lol
  6. Jason Admin

  7. Saluki

    Many more cans...........
  8. Crusty Rod

    Tow to San Quintin and go get some, anyone up for that??

    They were 280 miles on the way down, a little far for us but its still good signal and their reprt was 50 Albies and 60 BFT in the 20 to 40 lb class not a bad day
  10. Sortasober

    When they get here, I want to ride with you Chris

    I think they left a few days ago, so Yesterday is my best estimate
  12. chuwbaca

    Pushing upward of a 100 fish today. Just need them to push up now.
  13. Gonzofam

    Push , Push , Push . What is the normal 3.5 day range ? Not sure. One year on 1.5 went 110. I cant believe the BFT showing so far this year. I have 2 tuna groms on this trip in July on the BG90 who need to have their cherry busted. I will make sure to post the heart eating video that is going to happen. Nephew who just graduated from Mater Dei and my older brother Mike. My other nephew Neil just got back from Iraq will be in Cali from July 5 till the 20th so unfortunately he wont be able to go with his uncles and cousin on our trip. I want to get out there with him because if anyone who I believe will chew up the heart, Its him. He has been dreamin of making it back to do some Albie fishing. I emailed him the BD site and told him to join.

    Neal , if you read this. Miss you and glad your home young man.
    ChefGonzo should be your name just like your email.

  14. wifitunaguy

    Good stuff Gonzo... I may need some of those fancy butt-caps!~
  15. ilovealbas

    producer had limits of yt by 8 am this morning
  16. rstephens91350

    The Excel has a couple of shorter trips in August, given its size, if it is full with all 33 bunks filled does it get too crowded? No matter how big a boat is, the corner is always too small
  17. gregory

    Heading out on the Excel tomorrow morning for a 5 day. :cool: I just love this boat! :loverz: Lots of room, even when we travel with a full load of 34 passengers (but the corners can get crowded). Heard there will only be 26 on this trip. :eyepoppin Hope to bring home da bacon (actually, tuna).

    I'll post when I get back...
  18. troutman775

    betty doesnt do tht for rec. fishermen, maybe someone like me......