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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Rebound, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Rebound

    MAN ! After over a year I finally have my boat at its new home in SanQuintin.First of all ,Thank you Juan for taking a long as trip from SQ to Skipper the boat to SQ.Thank You very much. Second, thanks for everyones input on trailering the boat on Mex.1 past Ensanada.Honestly,I do not understand the 21' boats making it down there.Juan hooked me up with a boat Skipper to drive my rig down to San Quintin.It was blowing when I was there so I took time to check out the town SQ and the area.I got a room at Hotel Jardines.Super clean rooms and very nicebeds the whole thing.Nothing negative to say about the Hotel at all. I met the owners and they are super friendly people.$ 35.00 a night.Ive had rooms in Mazatlan thatwhere equal to these rooms for $ 145.00. The El Cid being one. The restaurant next door to the Hotel is very nice inside and outside.The food was great and prices are great too.Very nice with large portions. I did the Taco shacks many times.I found my favorite.Huge Tacos with alot of meat and everything for the traditional dollar.I go to this ladys and they start out half the size of the other guys place and getting smaller as they are made.I finally had to tell her no more. The town is hurting big time.Super nice people.I saw only two people in town from the states.The Hotel was full though. SO!, after decompressing from the trip I go fishing with a Skipper that Larry at Lorenzos Campos set me up with. We didnt even try to make bait.We new it would be difficult with the water conditions so we made it out to SanMartin Island.Saw whales birds and sea lions feeding but not what we where after.We trolled for about 4 hours useing Rappalas and we thru the crap out of the irons but other then about twenty hook ups with the usual Benita that was it.We moved maybe three miles to a high spot for some Snapper and what ever.The Skipper tells me to use the large irons with cut squid.I put it down 365' and BAMO,I have a good fight on.After a few minutes i pull up the largest Red Snapper I have seen any where without going to Alaska.It had to go about fifteen pounds.I noticed that the skipper was looking at me with a stupid Gringo grin .I am kind of taken back at the size of the fish and he says that there is much bigger then that at a different location.We go about two miles to the NW of SanMartin Island.At that location we caught a few at about 17 18lbs but most in the 10 to 12 pound class.Four Lings at 12 to 16 lbs.That is why I love southern waters.Plentiful large fish.You dont have the cattle boats going out two or three times a day with 46 people on them each trip.& days a week.Anyway ,I go in after some awesome bottom fishing making sure I keep all spots on my GPS of course.Wind has risen to where we are surfing all the way to the bay.Even high tide the Mexican Skippers read there hand held GPS going in and out of that bay.After I get in I find that a riser on one of the engines sprung a leek.One day of fishing.Honestly I had a great time down there with all of the meeting new friends and checking out land and such.My boat is down there ,thats all I care about.I'm going back for two weeks in July to make a deal on a spot at Campo Lorenzos Place. Super nice people.Great time.I'm Hooked.One thing that I noticed while driving back is that there is alot of traffic with you on Mex.1 as you drive.Its not like your alone on a lonely highway.Don't listen to the crap that CNN has to say.Remember, there ambulance chasers is all. Its just as safe down there now as I5 or Hwy 99 is in the Central valley.If your thinking about going.GO.Everything that is happening is going on at the other states borders and the mainland not Baja.Of ya , the launching area, yes everyone was right.
  2. Bajabil3

    Good to hear you had a safe trip. Hope everything works out for you.
  3. Grand Slam

    Hi Gary: glad your dreams are coming true. S.Q is a great place, you're going to love it there. Hope to meet you this summer. Chers. Bob
  4. aguachico

    Good for you Gary. Juan is the man, glad it worked out.