*** The CONTEST FORUM IS HERE! (Courtesy of our Sponsors!) ***

Discussion in 'Contests' started by nunyabizness1, May 26, 2010.

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  1. nunyabizness1


    To show appreciation to their customers, our sponsors would like to provide some GREAT prize giveaways to Bloodydeck's members! As a result, we have created the Contest Forum where we will host a variety of contests featuring a wide range of sponsored prizes throughout the year! The contest rules will be posted in the first post of each contest thread which will include a start and finish date along with the given prize. The management of Bloodydecks will have the final say in the event of any disputes.

    There may be weekly contests, monthly contests, seasonal contests or one-time contests running at any given time. Check back in this forum frequently as you never know when a new contest may be posted! We expect to post up the first contests in the coming week!

    Who’s going to win the first contest? Stay tuned!

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  2. fishinkid2010

    Sounds cool!
  3. mermaidhunter

  4. tuna taxi

    Can't wait to see what the prizes are going to be. Will this be open to everyone? boats, kayaks, tubes...etc.
  5. gunnyslinger

    Sounds awesome!

    Great idea.
  7. Carl

    Cool! BTW Maggie there's going to be a surf fishing contest at IB the morning of the Shootout....I'm thinking this might be a good event for some prizes:D
  8. brantc

    Contests will vary depending on the sponsor and the prizes. We will try and include as many of you as possible for each contest.

  9. Surfdoc

    Carl loses the first contest......

    IB Surf fishing contest is the morning of the 27th. Sunday morning. NOT the day of the shootout.

    Maggie............you make everything sound sooooo BIG !!! :D
  10. Carl

    My bad! I forgot to type in banquet...Thanks Stan...
  11. Saluki

    Well.......... hasn't he been the little dark cloud of postings recently. :rofl:
  12. Carl

    Nope! "We" won last night! :shakin:
    Reversed the curse!
  13. alwaysbendo

  14. nunyabizness1

    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! It's the simple things in life...
  15. Torrance local

    Okay...............................sounds good, while the poles remain in the rack!!!
  16. Ramblin

    Can we start a Thread for the MDR Halibut Derby - June 9th and 10th is fast approaching.