The bass were asleep...

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by maxlikestofish, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. maxlikestofish

    ...and maybe I should have been. Fished a somewhat local water hole last night. It went like this: fishing along this brush line right outside of a little point, I heard some one say "HEY!" looked back and got bit shitty hook set...the fish came unbuttoned.That seems to be how it goes though fish bite when Im the most distracted. I was fishing a 7in power worm. the water seemed warm though next time Im going to bring my 6in lunker punker and at least have fun with that thing. It was a good time though sneaking around in the dark. :oinker:

    At least you got out.
  3. RECKLESS_m@

  4. Capt. G

    Just two things:

    1. The 7 inch Power worm is a good choice, especially the one with the big wavy curly tail--stick with it.

    2. At night, it is good to know the bait you fish inside and out, which is why a texas rigged power worm is a good choice. Since you can not see it, your topwater may not be dog walking the way you would like it to, or the spinnerbait you are chucking might by running to one side, or one of the two blades may not be turning smoothly. Learn one bait inside and out and you will catch fish.
  5. jock

    dude lunker punkers are the shit, i just got two more
  6. maxlikestofish

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Capt. G Im going to fish that power worm to death. im thinking about grabbing the 10in one even....bigger worm bigger tail more movement more fish? who knows?...not me.


    I was playing around with the punker at one of my local mud holes today because i had a HUGE break in between classes...and i had a looker in a spot that i would NEVER think had fish...i think it was a bedding fish though cuz it just like chased my punker away and would not get too far from its little hang out.

    learned some things in the last 24 hours.... and none of them had to do with college :fighting0061:
  7. helmet fhsfman

    did u go 2 the spot???
  8. maxlikestofish

    secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone...?
  9. jock

    I've got 3 right now, and so far I've only gotten to fish my molded rainbow trout 6" on the delta, got a few nice size striper roll on it so far. Can't wait to throw the 9"er i got on my new loomis