the 9 mile bank and beyond sat 9-18

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by brianw, Sep 18, 2004.

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  1. brianw

    I finally got a chance to put my $1,000.00 18' glasstron to the test I buddy
    boated with group fun today and put some miles on my boat. we launched
    out of mission bay and headed for the nine mile bank. we found some dolphin and birds at a small paddy but nobody was home. after getting nada on the
    troll we cruised around for a while and found a monster paddy. I thought we hit the jackpot. we saw some small yellowtail but couldn't get anything to bite. we ended up with 1 calico on my boat from the point loma kelp. the fishing sucked but it was a nice day on the water. I just wish we could have
    put some blood on the deck. 23 miles out was pretty calm with a slight wind and the water was 71 degrees. Thanks Joe (group fun) for cruuisin out there with me. I still had fun. Where did all the fish go fish?: fish?: fish?:
  2. DaGoose


    Good to see you finally got the boat wet!

    Give me a call before you head out next time.