Texas Rod Show Day 1 BIG Success

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by SALTYDAWG, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Attendence today at the show exceeded our wildest expectations, even though it was raining all day, tomorrow should be even better. First live video feed will be at 11:00 AM tomorrow

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  2. ConSeaMate

    Where's the pics of the hot chicks?......
  3. the nibbler

    lokks like you guys having a great time and the setup looks awesome, wish it were a bit nearer to Oz so i could have come and learnt heaps.

    have a :hali_olutta::hali_olutta: on me
  4. HeavyDrag

    Looks like a good crowd. Any chance getting some pictures of the rods in the Rod Contest?
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Tom I'll look through and see, if not, I'll take some first thing in the morning
  6. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    here ya go Tom

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  7. SALTYDAWG Advertiser


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  8. EdH

    Yeah there were some hot chicks there. But more hot Rods. Even one with a propeller and two wheels.
  9. HeavyDrag

  10. flatliner

  11. Special Ed


    That right there is a beautiful thing. To think that each one of those rods will put a smile on a servicemembers face warms my heart.

    Thank you TCRBS, Bill, Silvia, and the rest of the custom builders that supported this effort.

  12. FAT CAT

    Got to watch Doc's demo on tiger wraps yesterday on the live feed. It was great. Thanks Bill for including all of us that couldn't get there.
  13. Capt Richie

    good stuff..
  14. Capt. G

    Now that's a rod building event with relevance.
  15. HeavyDrag

    Hey Bill,
    That voting box looks empty. How about throwing a vote in for rod #13.:urno1:
  16. Savage Rods

    Was great seeing everyone there yesterday and finally got to meet Bill and see our old friend Doc again. Loved the scooter. Some awesome rods on display. The ones in the contest are off the chart. Nice job to all those builders.

    Thanks to Bill and Silvia and everyone else who put this together. great job.
  17. 1:11

    Hey Bill, I didnt see my build in the mix with the others for the contest. Did you see the rod, did it make it out there? Hope you guys are having fun.
  18. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Yeah Jason it was there, #17, ooops Jason, your rod actually wasnt in that photo, #17 was a rod built by a Jason Schmit, Your rod did eventually make it though although there was some confusion because you had posted it as a RFS rod. We did get it straight eventually and your rod was donated to a Viet Nam veteran and we will be getting you his info soon, stay tuned
  19. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    That shot was taken before the doors had opened, after that there was always a crowd in front of the rack
  20. Silvia Davis

    We just rolled up a little bit ago after picking up our four legged babies from the Doggie Spa! I just wanted to let all of you know that we have tons of photos for the show. Each rod had photos taken so if any of you who made a rod and want the photos please just get in touch with me and I will send it to you.

    It will take me a while to go through them and make some kind of sense out of them so please give me a bit and I will post them as soon as I am finished.