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    Hola, just arrived in los barriles saturday nite.

    crossed at tecate..got to the crossing at 6:30 a.m. with no cars in front of me and there was a young man standing outside. gate bar was down and the red light was on. put it in park and pulled the emergency brake and the light turned green and the gate arm went up !! hoila !! magic ? wonders never cease !! i had concerns as i had a trailer full of stuff for their import tax with me having all the receipts and ready. i must be living right !

    crossing that early seems to have it's blessings. hardly any traffic and I DIDN'T SEE ONE COP ! an unevent leaving tecate going south. maybe they were boracho and were having their menudo ? hmm...i like menudo too.

    a few years back, i crossed much later and there were lots of cops and with quite a few cars pulled over for their mordida. i had my sindicatura stickers very prominently posted on my car and trailer and i wasn't bothered...i believe the stickers really work.

    the bridge at el rosario that was buckled in the middle had a detour to a lumpy dirt road through a neighborhood of about one city block.

    there is road construction in the el coyote area.

    the area of the first pemex south of guerrero negro has construction so DRIVE SLOW. it was fairly foggy leaving guerrero negro as i left malarimos around 4:30 a.m. and it wasn't so bad driving in the dark hours, first time for me. followed a big rig for about 20 minutes doing 80 mph in the fog but wasn't comfortable driving that fast pulling a fully loaded utility trailer so dropped down to 40. really wasn't that bad driving in the dark hours which i have never done. at least the big rig would knock any cows off the road for me ?

    mulege area has road construction.

    40 miles south of loreto has road construction of about a 1/2 mile or so.

    total on my trip south, i saw 8 federal chp cars so be aware as i was told, they have radar. head on, i don't know it they can register you or not ? in calif. they can, for sure. hey, i got stung once !

    please do give conchita in el socorro business as it is really nice having a wonderful rest stop with wonderful people and possibly dinner on the way north. hey, in this economy, we need to support these and other fantastic people with balls enough to start a new business, especially in this economy and with less people going south. my opinion...

    memories of more details fails me in my golden years, sorry.

  2. MinnesotaPhats

    Great report, as always. Only thing I would add would be lots of road work between Tecate and Ensenada, but really no delays. Is there confirmation that Federales have speed guns?
  3. GeraldaBeltran

    Who is Conchita in El Soccoro?

    Hola, don't know what a speed gun is but they seem to have a probe that they insert into your overpacked trailer and it is supposed to " sniff " out guns or ammunition ? nobody really knows. if it's a radar type unit, the federal hiway patrol has radar in their cars, don't know about guns as they have in calif.

    el socorro is about 17 miles south of san quintin and conchita and her husband opened a restaurant there that seems to be quite good and popular for passerbys and also the locals from the area and san quintin.

    the menu she has posted is on the italian side and i really hope people will patronize their venture as it's pretty ball-sy to start any new business in this economy north or south of the border.

    sorry that i didn't post about the construction between tecate and ensenada but when i crossed, it was a non-issue.